Some of us aren't keen on having a large vanity unit in our bathrooms and would prefer a simple wash stand instead. That’s understandable in this minimalist age of ours when our bathrooms often end up becoming more of a sanctuary than a bathroom at times. As such we often feel ourselves craving more space and less and clutter. Wash stands are a smart piece of bathroom furniture on which a basin sits and provides some storage beneath and they look very smart in a range of bathrooms.

Washstands are suited to bathrooms trying to create that spa feel with their contrasting white basin and wooden stand. A washstand adds a natural feel to your bathroom that is sought after in modern design. Choose a washstand to compliment other furniture in your bathroom to create a beautiful rustic unified look. View our gorgeous range of washstands to add a touch of minimalist class to complement your bathroom suites from an antique washstand to more modern designs we have it covered.


What Types of Washstands are Available?

Washstands, as you’d imagine, come in various shapes and sizes from small en-suite and cloakroom models to standard bathroom units with glass shelves and larger washstands with several shelves and cabinet doors. The Mito Wenge two door model is a very stylish larger unit that comes with double doors which would suit a family bathroom whilst the Mito Wenge one door compact would suit a smaller area such as a cloakroom or en-suite.

Wooden Finish

Washstands are constructed from, for example, wood veneer or a high gloss vinyl wrap finish and can really add a decorative element to a bathroom, particularly if you fill the open shelving with such items as matching fluffy towels or designer toiletries. All of our washstands have a wood finish which suits bathrooms that are trying to create that ‘spa’ look. We have a variety of wood finishes available for you to choose from in our exquisite selection ranging from deep mahogany to light oak to match any bathroom decor.

Washstands with Basins

Some washstands come complete with basin already attached; others give you the option of choosing whatever size and shape of basin you prefer. From the geometric styling of the Premier Calvados washstand to the curved bowl of the Mito Oak washstand we have a variety of options for you to choose from.

Here at Bella Bathrooms we stock a good choice of quality washstands from reputable manufacturers that will be stylish additions to your bathroom areas.


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