Bathroom Sinks

The Bathroom sink is the most universally used aspect of any bathroom suite or en-suite and due to this; the latest range of styles; sizes and types are almost endless. Choose from small basins, full or semi pedestal basins, space saving corner basins to semi-recessed or counter top basins which lends well to teaming with bathroom furniture for additional storage. Every time you enter the bathroom you will be using the sink to wash so it is a vital inclusion to your bathroom suite. However, at Bella Bathrooms we aim to make finding the perfect sink for your bathroom as easy as possible.


What Styles of Basins are Available?

Small Basins

When designing their bathroom people are happy to compromise on size of some of the bathroom suite items in order to allow for example a larger shower unit. We have a range of small basins available to help with this space saving issue. Just because they are smaller it does not mean they lack in style or function.

Wall Hung Basins

These are also becoming more popular as a solution to space saving. Wall hung basins are designed so that items can be stored below the sink. Some of these also feature a rail so that towels or flannels can be hung from below the sink.

Basins with Full Pedestals

A lot of people choose this style of sink for their bathroom as it can help to create a minimalist look in the bathroom. The design of basins with full pedestals is to cover all the unsightly pipe work that appears beneath the basin. It can also save you the cost of buying chrome finish pipe work so that it ties in with the look of your suite.

Basins with Semi Pedestals

These sinks are designed to cover the basin pipe work but they are also wall hung so that there is more floor space beneath the basin. Basins with semi pedestals are a designed to create the illusion of space but keep the basin unit looking sleek.

Corner Basins

Corner basins are becoming increasingly popular as they utilise the wasted space in a bathroom. They come in a wide range of styles and shapes to suit your bathroom. They are popular in cloakroom suites but don’t be fooled they are still available in a wide range of sizes.

Semi-Recessed Basins

These basins usually come as part of bathroom furniture unit which they are sunk into. Semi recessed basins can usually be purchased in 1 or 2 tap hole which make them a good addition to a variety of suites.

Counter Top Basins

This type of basin is designed to sit on the top of a vanity unit or work top and are seen as a high chic item. Counter top basins are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles and finishes meaning you can make a real statement with of of these basins.


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