Bathroom Suite Collections

Most people have an idea of what their ideal bathroom suite collection would look like. Some opt for classic styles others prefer modern and then there are the fans of minimalist design. Here at Bella Bathrooms we cater for all tastes and pockets as you’ll see for yourself by taking a look through our huge range of bathroom suites right here.


What should I Consider when Choosing a Bathroom Suite?

How do you want your Bathroom to feel?

Make sure you take your time though to think all the options through carefully. Choosing the right bathroom suite for you is an important decision. After all, you’re going to be seeing it every day in life. As a result you don’t want to jump right in and choose the first one you see that looks “fine.” Think about colour schemes, what you want from your suite – i.e. to be more functional than decorative or a kind of spa type environment where you plan to spend hours relaxing in etc.

Also bear in mind if you want your bathroom suite to match the styling of the rest of your home or have a completely different décor scheme?

Getting the Correct sized Bathroom Suite Collection

Think of the size of the room you plan to fit your new bathroom suite in. If it’s a small room then you might want to think about wall mounted fittings as these will leave more floor space and make the room appear more spacious as a result. Toilets with concealed systems, bidets, wash basin vanity units and cabinets – all come in stylish and stream-lined wall-mounted varieties these days.

You can also buy corner units to make the best of what limited space there is. Think about investing in a larger than normal wall mirror too to open the room up more and add more light.

Shower cubicles are getting clever when it comes to space saving innovation and worth checking out in place of a bath for smaller rooms.

For larger bathrooms free standing baths can look stunning in the centre of the room.

Thinking of an Eco Bathroom Suite?

Most bathroom suites these days - certainly the new ones anyhow - are fitted with dual flush technology which results in water savings and lower utility bills, making them a winner all round. As a result, with the exception of vintage collections, it looks like we’ll soon be saying goodbye to conventional lever flushes.

LED backlit bathroom mirrors are more sustainable than incandescent and fluorescent technology due to the fact they use far less energy (up to 80 per cent less) and the bulbs last much longer (10 years compared to one year for an ordinary bulb).

If you are pushed for space in your bathroom then opt for a shower rather than a bath as the average shower uses substantially less water than a bath.

Colouring in your Bathroom

For decades it seemed we had white bathroom furniture then the classic avocado shade of the 1970s came in. Today it’s possible to have any colour of bathroom you like. Glossy red and black bathroom furniture suites are proving popular so too is wood veneer. Be bright and bold or classy and contemporary – the good news is it’s completely up to you.

Whatever you’re looking for from your bathroom suite collection it’s sure to be out there and we’ll do our best at Bella Bathrooms to find it for you.