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Suite Package Deals

When it comes to re-doing our bathrooms (how exciting!) most of us will opt to go for a complete bathroom suite package rather than spend hours trying to decide on – and match up - individual items. Why? Well, the most obvious answer is that we’ll save money buying our toilet, sink and bath or shower together as a complete package rather than separately (along the lines of simple economics ie cost-saving for bulk buying). There’s no question you’re going to get a discount in this sense.


Save time and money

Then there is the fact it’s not just more convenient to purchase everything together, but it’ll also save us precious hours that we can devote to choosing bathroom accessories and furnishings instead (the really fun part). And thirdly, won’t it be nice not to have worry about whether our toilet will look good with the sink and so on?

Don’t compromise on style

If you’re the type who loves designing your own bathroom then you may be put off by the idea of buying a suite on the ground of style alone, believing that you won’t get the same ‘wow’ factor you’d achieve were you to buy individual items and match them up. Well, you can forget that idea right now.

At Bella Bathrooms we have bathroom suite packages to suite every type of bathroom whether modern, traditional or minimalist. Just take a look through our ranges with their free-standing Victorian baths and matching taps, ornate sinks and chunky pedestal basins. We also have sinks with vanity units and a variety of shapes – geometric, rounded and oval.

Choose too between a bi-fold shower door, pivot door and off-set double door. Then again maybe you’re looking for a combination bath/shower? If so, our bathroom suite packages also come with L-shaped baths for those with smaller bathrooms who are - quite rightly - not prepared to compromise on either a bath or shower (that’ll be us then!).

And anyway, it’s the accessories and the way they’re co-ordinated that really provide the style in a bathroom. What you want to be most assured of when buying a suite is that it’s a quality product you’re investing in; a suite which will stand the test of time (and family). And that’s why here at Bella Bathrooms we insist on supplying only tried and tested bathroom suites from well-known manufacturers we know we can trust such as RAK and Premier. Please believe us when we say we’re as concerned about your bathroom as you are.


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