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Mira Realm – Traditional Showering at Traditional Prices

Mira are introducing a new and revised range of Mixer showers in response to increasing customer demand and market trends for traditional styled products. This builds on their success and popular aesthetics of the current range combined with feedback from customers and resellers alike.

The Realm range has brought together much of todays modern showering technology but recast it in the shape of something gloriously traditional. With the long thin riser rail neatly finished in Chrome, it looks and plays the part of that of an older shower, whilst maintaining the standard and performance of a new one. The deluge head delivers unprecedented streams of water in both quantity and area of coverage, with 21cm of showerhead, this is something that would be tough to beat.

Each and every one of Mira’s showers come with details and touches to create your showering experience one to enjoy look forward to. They have taken the time and effort to produce shower after shower with attention to detail, safety and environmentally friendly features and of course affordable and fair prices.

Look no further than Mira Showers to add the finishing touches to your bathroom. Whether it be a smaller more compact shower or a large flamboyant one, Mira are sure to provide you with something you need.

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