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Marleton Cross Limited (more widely known as the MX Group) is a UK manufacturer of shower trays with a long history; the brand has been trading for over three decades. Thanks to serious investment in the latest modern technology and production methods, they are the leading manufacturers in the shower industry and produce hundreds of shower trays in a variety of different styles.


Showers are an intrinsic part of almost all bathrooms, and trends are constantly developing to enhance the showering experience. Separate shower enclosures and wet rooms are now a common feature in many bathrooms, with many people sacrificing a bathtub for a larger shower area. Brands like MX Group are making it possible for everyone to incorporate luxury shower enclosure in their homes, with a myriad of shapes and sizes of shower trays and accessories.

Although they specialise in shower trays, MX Group also offer other high quality shower products such as the Inspiration Chrome Electric Shower. Also check out the cleverly designed Instantaneous Electric Handwash, with impressive temperature control and a swivel spout. All products from MX Group are suitable for use in domestic and commercial bathrooms, as they are of the highest quality and always comply with industry safety standards.

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