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Corner Vanity Units

When it comes to smart bathroom design products, the corner vanity unit is up there with the best of them. An excellent means of using ‘dead’ space for the purposes of storage, and of fitting a sink into a tiny en-suite or cloakroom bathroom, the corner vanity unit is unrivalled in bathroom ingenuity.

And, of course, your bathroom corner vanity unit doesn't even have to be floor standing as it makes more sense in terms of a small bathroom to have it wall-hung in order for the room to appear more spacious.


Bathroom corner vanity units come in rounded shapes or in geometrical designs with clean, sharp lines and there’s often a model which will fit in with most existing bathroom furniture collections.

These units can contain a huge amount of storage considering their size and here at Bella Bathrooms in order to optimize storage potential we would suggest dividing the space on shelving with smaller baskets and grouping similar items together, such as toiletries, cosmetics, medicines etc.

The only type of bathroom we can’t see a bathroom corner vanity unit suiting is a circular bathroom but (lighthouses and windmills withstanding) there doesn’t appear to be many of those around right at this moment in time.


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