Mixer Showers

Mixer shower do ‘exactly what it says in the title’, they take both hot and cold water and blend them together to provide you with the perfect temperature that you require. In order for your new mixer shower to operate at its best it should be supplied with the same pressure of hot and cold water meaning they can be installed with easy on mains fed systems, high pressure systems, tank fed systems and low pressure systems. Due to mixer showers having no electrical components they are regarded as the most aesthetically pleasing showers with stunning modern designs allowing you to choose the perfect to match the style of your bathroom.


The Valve for mixer showers is available in two different styles either exposed or concealed. Depending on the style of your bathroom, one will be more suitable than the other. The exposed valve will help achieve a traditional style where as the concealed valve will provide a clean and contemporary look that some people crave in their bathroom.