Shower Pumps

At Bella Bathrooms our range of shower pumps can help ‘boost’ your showering experience. If you are looking for a shower pump to help boost the water pressure in your home then look no further than a stunning range of shower pumps from Stuart turner and Techflow. The QT range of shower pumps available from Techflow is one of the quietest around offering increased pressure and a smooth flow of water to your home whilst also ensuring minimal energy consumption allowing the pumps to do its job without you having to worry about it or even noticing it’s there. At Bella Bathrooms you can benefit from our next day delivery service on selected shower pumps and great savings.


What Shower Pump do I Need?

Choosing the bathroom suite, the tiles and the furniture can all be very exciting – but don’t forget about the most crucial part of a bathroom; the plumbing. It can be slightly more tedious and confusing than choosing the bathroom décor, but to create the perfect bathroom you need a fully functional shower.

Many people choose to boost the water supply to their shower to create a more powerful showering experience to rejuvenate the body and senses. This is done by installing a shower pump. When it comes to shower pumps there a few different options and you want to make sure you purchase the right one for your home. It’s not really about making a style decision; there are different pumps for different showers and water pressures so you need to know the necessary information about your house:

• The layout of the house: where the cold water storage tank is located

• Location of the shower: is it above or below the cold water storage

• The temperature of the water: do you need to boost the hot water or cold or both coming through the shower? Is your water supply balanced?


People living in urban and rural areas may experience different water pressure, and if you live on a hill it will also be different to those who live on flat ground. Also, most shower pumps are designed to be fitted onto open vented hot and cold systems, so if you have a combi boiler system you can only use a mains boost pump. If you have separate hot and cold water systems then here is everything you need to know:

Positive or Negative Head

A positive and negative head simply refers to where the shower is in relation to the cold water storage tank. This cold water is usually reserved in the roof or top floor of the house but you need to check. If the shower is located below the tank such as a ground floor bathroom, you will need a positive head shower pump. This type of pump relies on a gravity feed of water to kick start the pump and increase the flow. If the show is situated on the same level as the cold water storage, or indeed above the tank in a loft conversion, you will need a negative head shower pump. This kind of pump will suck the water upwards to operate the shower.

If you have two separate showers above and below the cold water storage, a negative head shower pump is the best choice.

Twin or Single Impeller

A twin pump is installed onto both water supplies, hot and cold separately; a single pump can only be installed onto a single supply. A twin shower pump is the best way to ensure that both hot and cold water is boosted to find the ideal temperature when showering. Single shower pumps can be used if only the hot water supply needs a boost, or to a premixed water supply. If you have difficulties installing a twin impeller shower pump, you could also install two single impeller pumps instead.


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