Aqualisa Pumps

Does your shower need a little extra oomph? Do you crave a lavish power shower but don’t want to rip out the bathroom and install it from scratch? With our collection of Aqualisa shower pumps, it is easy to increase the pressure of your shower without expensive renovations. Aqualisa pumps are one of the most popular of our brands which are exclusively designed and manufactured by the highly popular Stuart Turner. High quality and great value for money, they are compatible with a range of units and can literally transform a standard shower into a luxurious spa-like experience. Here at Bella Bathrooms we are happy to stock a select collection of these fantastic pumps.


The Aqualisa Mach 250 pump gives a medium boost to your shower flow rate. It is best used to improve showers with two showerheads or one showerhead and various body jets. The more powerful Aqualisa Mach 340 pump will enable you to have serious oomph in your shower. This pump is suitable for use with two shower heads and two body jets or a single shower head and four body jets. This will really help you to create an invigorating shower experience in your bathroom. Both of these pumps are not suitable to be used on combi boiler or mains fed water system.

All shower pumps from Aqualisa are CE and WRAS approved, and are absolutely maintenance free, leaving you to relax and enjoy your new powerful shower forever once it is fitted. Aqualisa pumps tend to be regeneratively, rather than centrifugally operative which puts an end to air locks.

If you need a high quality shower pump from a well trusted brand and crave good value for money, an Aqualisa pump is the logical choice. Both of these shower pumps are offered with a two year manufacturers’ guarantee which assures you of their top quality. Here at Bella Bathrooms we are confident that we can offer you these quality shower pumps for the most competitive prices.

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