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Stuart Turner Pumps

Stuart Turner Ltd are here to help you choose the right shower pump from Bella Bathrooms

We put a lot of work into making our pumps the very best there are. The same goes for our Technical Support. Call us direct at our Henley offices, talk to a member of the Stuart Turner Pump Assist Team and they will be able to help with any question or problem you may have.

■ Recommending the right pump for the job
■ Solving any technical or installation matters
■ Diagnosis and assistance with any issues after installation

Call the Stuart Turner Assist Team on 01491 572655 or email them at


All Stuart Turner Pumps supplied by Bella Bathrooms benefit from:

■ Free Anti-Vibration Stainless Steel flexible hoses

Stuart Turner has an engineering heritage dating back to 1906 and continues to manufacture from its original site in Henley-on Thames. With an unrivaled reputation for quality and service, Stuart Turner can provide the pumping solution that is right for you, rising your daily shower to an invigorating and refreshing experience.

All Stuart Turner pumps benefit from a generous manufactures guarantee with an option of an extended guarantee when you register your pump with Stuart Turner. Register your new pump here.

The wide range of products from a single tap boosting and power showers to complete bathrooms and whole home pressure.

Pump Types Explained

Universal (Positive or Negative Systems)

Single Impeller - designed to boost single water supplies: hot cold or pre-mixed.

Twin Impeller - designed for installation into both hot and cold water supplies, boosting both.


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Bought this to replace a Techflow which only made it to 4 years before expiring. Was initially reluctant because the previous pump was supposed to be super quiet, yet sounded like a Jump Jet...
plumb duff - Posted: 2014-03-25 20:31:37
It performs as you would expect, so no real complaints there. I do however find it a bit noisy. No so much volume-wise. But there is quite a high pitched whine, which my old pump didn't have....
Richard - Posted: 2014-03-03 16:54:33
This pump does all the things a pump should do and it does it well. Having had an alternative very noisy pump I was amazed at how quiet this pump is. For a 3 bar pump this is quiet and that was...
KevPip - Posted: 2014-02-26 19:32:38