Vitra Taps

Whether or not you are decking out a brand new en-suite bathroom or adding some finishing touches to a family bathroom to give your home a boost, investing in a Vitra Tap from the following range is a sound investment for any family home.

With plenty of versatile options to choose from, it doesn’t matter what you might be looking for or whether or not you even know what you are looking for – you are bound to find it here. Affordable, crafted from high quality brass and luxuriously high quality, you can browse the range to find your perfect match.


Whether it be the no fuss, straight forward slickness of the D-line or the sweeping stylish curves of the Armix V3, the versatility of Vitra is its hook. Bold, thick design comes alive with the innovative Q-Line selection, the Vitra Slope does what it says on the tin with a sweeping, sloping design that is ultra modern, bold quirks dominate the aptly named Vitra Dynamic S line and the Vitra Minimax utilises fully functional, petite, swanlike spouts.

If you need some inspiration, this range encompasses every design and style so that you can take your time to pair your bathroom with the right look.