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Some of us aren't keen on having a large vanity unit in our bathrooms and would prefer a simple wash stand instead. That’s understandable in this minimalist age of ours when our bathrooms often end up becoming more of a sanctuary than a bathroom at times. As such we often feel ourselves craving more space and less furniture and clutter.

Washstands, as you’d imagine, come in various shapes and sizes from small en-suite and cloakroom models to standard bathroom units with glass shelves and larger washstands with several shelves and cabinet doors.


Washstands are constructed from, for example, wood veneer or a high gloss vinyl wrap finish and can really add a decorative element to a bathroom, particularly if you fill the open shelving with such items as matching fluffy towels or designer toiletries.

Some washstands come complete with basin already attached; others give you the option of choosing whatever size and shape of basin you prefer. From different scales of design, here at Bella Bathrooms we stock both the incredibly minimalist and modern wall-hung Sass freestanding wash vanity unit in either high gloss white or black, as well as the simple, free standing Mito natural oak slated unit.

For en-suite and smaller bathrooms there are slim and tall wash stands and for larger environments the Mito wenge double door bathroom wash stand.


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Want.ed a 4 legged stand - this has only 2 at the front - felt the picture should have shown this more clearly
Kimberley - Posted: 2014-05-23 17:49:16
Got this not to use as a proper washstand but as a cupboard in the bathroom to match the bigger washstand we bought in the same range. It's good thick wood so a great quality and worth paying the...
Stubby bird - Posted: 2013-10-28 15:13:58
Looks nice in the room - nice and compact so suitable for a smaller bath/shower room. Seems well made - time will tell if it holds up well. Everything arrived promptly and the whole kit was there.
LJR - Posted: 2013-10-17 20:43:56