Backlit Mirrors

Mirrors are the ultimate accessory for the bathroom so why choose ordinary wall mirrors when you could have stunning backlit bathroom mirrors as an illuminated feature? Bring the superstar atmosphere to your bathroom with a backlit mirror from our carefully selected illuminated bathroom mirror range. Create a modern look for your bathroom with stylish backlit mirrors which can make your bathroom glimmer and boost the natural light. Backlit bathroom mirrors are becoming more popular as they use fluorescent tube lighting behind the mirror which lights through the mirror and gives you an ambient lighting which enables you carry out your daily routine. For a more intense lighting an LED backlit mirror is the perfect solution plus due to their energy efficient properties they won’t cost you a fortune to have on frequently. View our fantastic bathroom mirrors range and we are sure you will find the best lighted mirror to suit you.

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Lighted Mirror

Bathroom backlit mirrors have a long list of advantages other than pure A-list appeal, as they are practical for your bathroom in a number of different ways. When a mirror is backlit, it diffuses light evenly and provides the perfect lighting for tasks such as shaving, hair styling and applying make-up. Using energy efficient LED technology, our lighted bathroom mirror range can also provide an ambient glow for a relaxing bathroom atmosphere during bathing or showering. Our backlit bathroom mirror range also features additional extras such as demister pads, shaving sockets and even speakers. The backlit mirror is becoming much more than just something we look into - it can become one of the most useful accessories for your bathroom.

Light Up Bathroom Mirror

Overhead lighting does not create the right kind of task lighting, and candlelight alone does not provide enough light when producing a peaceful atmosphere. A backlit bathroom mirror is the ideal solution; use alone to create a peaceful mood and aid relaxation, or use with other lighting to improve the ease of tasks which need a mirror. View our huge range of backlit mirrors, which includes all shapes and sizes and a variety of styles to suit any bathroom. These backlit bathroom mirrors vary with where they emit the light from too, from all around to the sides or even the top and bottom. Which lighted mirror you choose is entirely up to you and how it fits your bathroom design. Some also feature innovative technology such as flashing sequences and wave sensors to turn the lighting on and off adding a contemporary touch.

When you view our range of backlit bathroom mirror designs here at Bella Bathrooms and see what ambience they can create in your bathroom you will not fail to be impressed. Our range of backlit mirrors are offered from the UK’s leading bathroom manufacturers assuring you of their top quality. These lighted mirrors can be that perfect accessory you were searching for and we offer both a competitive price and speedy delivery direct to your door.