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Backlit Mirrors


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Set Descending Direction
  1. HiB Livvy LED Back-Lit Bathroom Mirror
    £231.79 Was £285.00
  2. HiB Ambience 50 LED Steam Free Bathroom Mirror
    £211.46 Was £260.00
  3. HiB Ambience 60 LED Steam Free Bathroom Mirror
    £229.35 Was £282.00
  4. HiB Ambience 120 LED Steam Free Bathroom Mirror
    £322.06 Was £396.00
  5. Elation LED Illuminated Mirror 800 x 600mm
    £182.70 Was £362.00
  6. Hudson Reed Vizor LED Bathroom Mirror 500mm
    £139.81 Was £303.00
  7. Sensio Serenity Duo Backlit LED Mirror
    £132.81 Was £239.85
  8. Sensio Glimmer 500 Dimmable LED Mirror
    £168.88 Was £304.98
  9. Sensio Glimmer 900 Dimmable LED Mirror
    £209.74 Was £378.77
  10. Sensio Glimmer 1200 Dimmable LED Mirror
    £260.36 Was £470.20
  11. Sensio Eden Backlit LED Mirror with Demister Pad
    £169.92 Was £306.86
  12. Sensio Grace Diffused LED Mirror
    £208.19 Was £375.99
  13. Sensio Mistral Teardrop Backlit LED Mirror
    £189.04 Was £341.39
  14. Sensio Reagan Soft Edge Backlit LED Mirror
    £169.32 Was £305.78
  15. Sensio Ventura Diffused LED Mirror
    £184.17 Was £332.60
  16. Moods Adrastea Backlit LED Mirror 500 x 700mm
    £176.96 Was £275.00
  17. Moods Phoebe Backlit LED Mirror 900 x 600mm
    £222.01 Was £345.00
  18. Frontline Kinsale LED Mirror
    £260.97 Was £365.00
  19. HIB Ambience 40 Illuminated LED Mirror 400mm
    £210.65 Was £259.00
  20. HIB Ambience 90 Illuminated LED Mirror 900mm
    £246.43 Was £303.00
  21. HIB Ambience 140 Illuminated LED Mirror 1400mm
    £340.77 Was £419.00
  22. Tavistock Drift LED Backlit Illuminated Mirror
    £465.45 Was £535.00

Items 1-24 of 46

Set Descending Direction

Mirrors are the ultimate accessory for the bathroom so why choose ordinary wall mirrors when you could have stunning backlit bathroom mirrors as an illuminated feature? Bring the superstar atmosphere to your bathroom with a backlit mirror from our carefully selected illuminated bathroom mirror range. Create a modern look for your bathroom with stylish backlit mirrors which can make your bathroom glimmer and boost the natural light. Backlit bathroom mirrors are becoming more popular as they use fluorescent tube lighting behind the mirror which lights through the mirror and gives you an ambient lighting which enables you carry out your daily routine. For a more intense lighting an LED backlit mirror is the perfect solution plus due to their energy efficient properties they won’t cost you a fortune to have on frequently. View our fantastic bathroom mirrors range and we are sure you will find the best lighted mirror to suit you.