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  1. Croydex Chester Toilet Roll Holder
    £18.08 Was £25.78
  2. Croydex Chester Towel Ring
    £22.61 Was £32.23
  3. Croydex Chester Single Robe Hook
    £11.76 Was £16.75
  4. Croydex Chester Towel Rail
    £29.84 Was £42.54
  5. Croydex Esher Towel Rail
    £27.12 Was £38.66
  6. Croydex Worcester Toilet Roll Holder
    £16.28 Was £23.20
  7. Croydex Worcester Towel Ring
    £18.08 Was £25.78
  8. Croydex Worcester Double Robe Hook
    £9.95 Was £14.17
  9. Croydex Worcester Towel Rail
    £28.02 Was £39.97
  10. Croydex Epsom Toilet Roll Holder
    £18.08 Was £25.78
  11. Croydex Epsom Towel Bar
    £19.89 Was £28.37
  12. Croydex Epsom Single Robe Hook
    £11.76 Was £16.75
  13. Croydex Epsom Towel Rail
    £29.84 Was £42.54
  14. Croydex Cheadle Toilet Roll Holder
    £21.71 Was £30.94
  15. Croydex Cheadle Towel Ring
    £25.32 Was £36.10
  16. Croydex Cheadle Double Robe Hook
    £15.36 Was £21.91
  17. Croydex Cheadle Towel Rail
    £33.45 Was £47.70
  18. Croydex Professional Toilet Roll Holder
    £21.71 Was £30.94
  19. Croydex Professional Medium Double Towel Rail
    £63.30 Was £90.25
  20. Croydex Romsey Toilet Roll Holder
    £13.56 Was £19.32
  21. Croydex Romsey Towel Ring
    £15.36 Was £21.91
  22. Croydex Romsey Robe Hook
    £8.11 Was £11.59
  23. Croydex Romsey Towel Rail
    £23.50 Was £33.52
  24. Croydex Wimbourne Towel Ring
    £14.77 Was £21.07

Items 1-24 of 162

Set Descending Direction

Keen to ensure your new bathroom retains a contemporary look for years to come? This is pretty easy and, thankfully, doesn't involve updating your bathroom furniture every few years. No, you can ensure the smallest room in your home stays on-trend simply by investing in the correct chrome bathroom accessories to begin with. A few well placed accessories can turn you bathroom into a finished room. Accessories are the finishing touches to a bathrooms design.

At Bella Bathrooms we’d always advise you consider installing chrome bathroom accessories. Not only does chrome never date but, being a shiny metal with a lovely lustre, it also gives a bright, smart feel to your bathroom. And, of course, the chrome will match just about any décor theme you can think of. Certainly, it looks good with copper, gold and other metals as well as marble, wood and laminate. In terms of colour matching chrome will work just as well with white as glossy red and black. These chrome bathroom accessories will add a touch of class to any style of bathroom.

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