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It is quite often the additional extras that you choose for your bathroom that make each bathroom space unique. We offer a fantastic range of bathroom accessories supplied by Frontline who are one of our most popular and leading manufacturers. These accessories give you the perfect opportunity to express your own style on a bathroom which can create a big impact, from towel rails to soap dispensers and even tumbler holders in a variety of styles and finishes. As with all the Frontline range you can be guaranteed cutting edge design is matched by top quality manufacturing making them a favourite brand here at Bella Bathrooms.

What Frontline Collections are Available?

  • Frontline Chic Bathroom Accessories
  • Frontline Modern Bathroom Accessories
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What Styles of Frontline Accessories are Available?

Within the range of bathroom accessories available from Frontline we have two main styles available; Chic or modern, and we are confident we will have the most suitable products for you.


The Chic range has everything you can imagine from towel holders to bath robe hooks all in a minimalist geometric edged design. This classy range is available in a smart chrome finish to add little touches of glamour to your bathroom. One of the most stunning items in the range is the chic crystal shelf which provides you with a sleek storage space for all those vital toiletries.


The Modern range has a decent variety of rounded minimalist items that are nearly all wall mounted. The range even includes a very stylish frosted glass toilet roll holder which is even wall mounted to keep your floor space clutter free. All the accessories available come in a smart chrome finish which can really give your bathroom modern flair.

As with all of the Frontline bathroom items these accessories come with a lifetime guarantee so you can be assured that you are buying quality hard wearing products from the Frontline Accessories ranges. Such is the choice of accessories now available you can truly create a unique design for your bathroom space.