Ultra Accessories

Accessories can make or break a bathroom – or any room of the home for that matter - but we know that any bathroom is certain to come alive with this beautiful line of accessories from Ultra. A brand synonymous with a flair for both contemporary and traditional design, their accessories are alluring pieces that can be used to emphasise forgotten spaces and make a feature of the functional.


Whatever you are looking for, whether it be wall brackets, traditional robe hooks, towel rings and rails, toilet holders, corner baskets, soap dishes, shelving and bath racks, we all know it’s the combination of lots of little things that go a long way into making your bathroom the room of your dreams. All bathrooms must operate not just as a place of practical function so as to meet all of your needs, but also one where you can escape to after a long day, pamper late into the night or preen ahead of an important occasion.

Each item in the Ultra accessories range has sleek, simple, sophisticated and stylish credentials in common. Available in a myriad of styles to suit all tastes, there is no sacrifice of form for function or vice versa. Each item is durable and has been tried and tested in the most demanding of home environments. Multiple items can be combined to create a seamless solution to typical problems such as lack of storage or not enough shelf space to store necessary towels and robes. And with new designs added to the range regularly, it’s also possible to add to your own personal collection as your needs change.

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