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Vitra Accessories

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  1. Vitra Arkitekta Waste Bin

    Sale Price £44.02 Was £74.00

  2. Vitra Arkitekta Robe Hook
    £14.87 Was £25.00
  3. Vitra Arkitekta Wall Hung Double Shelf
    £76.74 Was £129.00
  4. Vitra Arkitekta WC Brush Holder
    £43.42 Was £73.00
  5. Vitra Arkitekta Toilet Roll Holder
    £19.63 Was £33.00
  6. Vitra Minimax Double Towel Rail 530mm
    £49.97 Was £84.00
  7. Vitra Minimax Towel Holder 530mm
    £34.49 Was £58.00
  8. Vitra Minimax Towel Ring
    £31.53 Was £53.00
  9. Vitra Minimax Robe Hook
    £11.90 Was £20.00
  10. Vitra Minimax WC Brush Holder
    £36.88 Was £62.00
  11. Vitra Minimax Reserve Toilet Roll Holder
    £35.09 Was £59.00
  12. Vitra Minimax Toilet Roll Holder
    £36.88 Was £62.00
  13. Vitra Minimax Toothbrush Holder
    £21.41 Was £36.00
  14. Vitra Ilia Towel Holder 450mm
    £47.59 Was £80.00
  15. Vitra Ilia Towel Ring
    £33.31 Was £56.00
  16. Vitra Ilia Robe Hook
    £26.77 Was £45.00
  17. Vitra Ilia WC Brush Holder
    £44.61 Was £75.00
  18. Vitra Ilia Reserve Toilet Roll Holder
    £33.31 Was £56.00
  19. Vitra Ilia Toilet Roll Holder
    £38.07 Was £64.00
  20. Vitra Ilia Toothbrush Holder
    £38.07 Was £64.00
  21. Vitra Ilia Soap Dish
    £34.49 Was £58.00
  22. Vitra Minimax Soap Dish
    Awaiting Delivery
    Vitra Minimax Soap Dish
    £23.20 Was £39.00

22 Items

Set Descending Direction

When it comes to bathroom accessories, there is no one size fits all approach. Vitra bathrooms offer you all the accessories you could need for your bathroom space. As every bathroom is different and focused on a different ambiance, atmosphere and environment, it makes sense to have a variety of options to hand so that you can make the perfect match and that is what you will get with the Vitra bathrooms range. Whether you are looking for tumblers, toilet roll and brush holders, robe hooks, towel racks and rails, soap dishes and dispensers, waste bins, toothbrush holders and all of the other nitty gritty paraphernalia that makes a bathroom complete - you’ll find it here! Vitra's stylish range of accessories are offered with an unbeatable lifetime guarantee which assures you they are manufactured to the highest standards possible.

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