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  1. Croydex Wimbourne Tumbler and Holder
    £17.26 Was £24.10
  2. Croydex Cheadle Tumbler and Holder
    £25.91 Was £36.16
  3. Croydex Epsom Tumbler and Holder
    £22.07 Was £30.80
  4. Croydex Worcester Tumbler and Holder
    £20.15 Was £28.12
  5. Croydex Esher Tumbler and Holder
    £20.06 Was £28.01
  6. Croydex Chester Tumbler and Holder
    £22.07 Was £30.80
  7. Cassellie Rose Tumbler and Holder
    £12.87 Was £28.99
  8. Cassellie Holly Tumbler and Holder
    £15.98 Was £36.99
  9. Cassellie Iris Tumbler and Holder
    £6.42 Was £14.99
  10. Cassellie Lilly Tumbler and Holder
    £5.76 Was £12.99
  11. Cassellie Poppy Tumbler Holder
    £13.37 Was £29.99
  12. RAK Washington Polished Chrome Single Tumbler
    £55.16 Was £102.00
  13. RAK Washington Polished Chrome Double Tumbler
    £71.91 Was £133.00
  14. RAK Moon Black Single Wall Mounted Tumbler
    £29.20 Was £54.00
  15. RAK Moon Black Double Wall Mounted Tumbler
    £44.07 Was £81.50
  16. RAK Cubis Double Wall Mounted Tumbler
    £22.18 Was £41.00
  17. RAK Cubis Black Double Wall Mounted Tumbler
    £27.31 Was £50.50
  18. RAK Cubis Black Single Wall Mounted Tumbler
    £17.85 Was £33.00
  19. RAK Resort Glass Tumbler & Holder
    £13.25 Was £24.50
  20. RAK Cubis Tumbler & Holder
    £16.76 Was £31.00
  21. RAK Harmony Double Tumbler & Holder
    £34.88 Was £64.50

Items 1-24 of 40

Set Descending Direction

Never has there been such a choice of drinking bathroom tumbler and toothbrush holders to choose from as there is today. Rounded, narrow, chunky and oval – you can take your pick of design and make sure it perfectly matches the rest of your bathroom theme.

Personally we’re rather impressed by the Croydex Harrow Tumbler and Holder. This sleek and smooth frosted glass accessory is produced from brass with a high quality chrome finish and concealed fixings. The Croydex Sutton Tumbler and Holder has a dual function by also providing holes for toothbrushes – ensuring it doesn't take up more room in your bathroom than is necessary.

For those who like a natural look in their bathroom the Croydex Maine White Tumbler and Holder in white pine wood chimes well with both modern and vintage bathrooms. For a bit of a talking point in any bathroom the Croydex Twist N Lock Plus Tumbler and Holder is going to impress at every turn thanks to its clever suction fit.