Frontline Aquatrend Gloss White

The Frontline Aquatrend Gloss White range knows that nothing looks as fresh, clean, crisp and chic as arctic white. For a timeless, classic appeal, this bathroom furniture range is designed for those who think that white is more than alright. A stunning assortment of chilled furniture pieces emphasise up to date cool. You can create a spellbindingly snowy bathroom that looks utterly fresh and dazzling as well as pristine and polished. White is a classic colour for a reason; it goes with everything and works well in bathrooms owing to its clean appeal. For style staples that will keep your bathroom on the map, we have all you need and more to keep your bathroom a jaw dropper with our designer bathroom furniture selection.

Frontline Aquatrend Gloss White Bathroom Furniture

Frontline Aquatrend Gloss White Range:

  • Mirror & Mirrored Cabinet
  • Storage Unit
  • Vanity Units
  • Toilet Unit

You can incorporate all pieces to create a sizzling suite or mix and match with items from your own bathroom or from other ranges to cultivate an utterly unique appeal suited to your bathroom and family. Straight, streamlined lines and sublime squares make this a no-nonsense, unfussy look that makes a huge, instantaneous impact.

What is Available in the Frontline Aquatrend Gloss White Range?

Mirror & Mirrored Cabinet

The addition of a mirror in the bathroom can really help to create brightness in your bathroom especially when it is reflecting off fabulous gloss white units like you will find in this range. The smaller portrait mirror in this range comes with a handy shelf along the bottom which lets you keep important toiletries close to hand. Choose between two larger mirrored cabinets to help keep your bathroom looking minimalist and clutter free. These cabinets have useful gas hinges which make it easy to open and close. All of these are edged with the stylish gloss white and will create an attractive focal point for your bathroom.

Storage Unit

An attractive tall unit which has space saving design means you can add a separate storage unit to even smaller bathroom spaces. This wall hung unit has a slim line projection so it doesn’t protrude too far into the room. The visible floor space beneath tricks the eye into thinking that it is a larger bathroom space. The contemporary look of this elegant unit is completed by a large chrome handle on the door. We have a diverse range of bathroom wall cabinets for you to choose from to keep your bathroom clutter free.

Vanity Units

Again the design of these wall hung vanities helps to maximize the space in your bathroom. Available in three different sizes the geometric designed units will fit a variety of bathroom spaces and add a touch of style. For smaller cloakrooms the floor standing vanity will provide a decent amount of storage so that you can keep your cloakroom looking clutter free and sleek for all your visitors. Again the smooth chrome handles finish the look off perfectly against the beautiful gloss white.

Toilet Unit

No minimalist bathroom would be complete without hiding away the unsightly pipe work and this toilet unit does that perfectly. It will suit a variety of back to wall pans but we think a geometric shaped toilet will really complete the modern look of this range. The finishing touch of the square shaped dual flush button really keeps this style on trend.

Frontline have accumulated over 6,000 gorgeous pieces from an assortment of industry hard hitters and their years in the business mean that they know how to bring you your dream bathroom at an affordable price. Frontline prioritises effortless luxury for everyone so that you can attain a little decadence for an unbeatable price. Don’t break the bank but do opt for a striking style such as the Frontline Aquatrend Gloss White that will always be in fashion. What’s more this bathroom furniture comes with a lifetime manufacturers’ guarantee assuring you of the top quality of this range.