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Frontline Aquatrend Walnut

Walnut is bang on trend for bathrooms which is why we are so excited to present to you the Frontline Aquatrend Walnut bathroom furniture range. Brazen, bold but also strangely subtle, this look really boosts white and cream colour schemes to create a dynamic look that you’ll just adore. You can use the whole range to create a sizzling hot suite to die for or you can mix and match items from various ranges within our walnut bathroom furniture collection to create a bespoke appeal unique to you. This collection is so versatile and so striking that it will fit in with any ambiance or décor. We love this look because it cultivates a warm, earthy feel, lending your bathroom a sensual, invigorating vibe to transform the room into a haven of relaxation. The walnut finish encapsulates the best of modern day simplicity so that you can finish off your bathroom in style.

Frontline Aquatrend Walnut Bathroom Furniture

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