Easy Access Wetrooms

Easy access wetrooms are the Holy Grail of accessible bathrooms. With no bathtubs to clamber into and no elevated shower trays to step onto, wetrooms are a fantastic way to transform an ordinary bathroom in to a more accessible space for bathing and relaxation. No more worrying about getting in or out of the shower – users simply walk into the enclosure, switch on their shower and enjoy a rejuvenating or relaxing shower.

Each wetroom design comes with a multitude of options to choose from – smoked or frosted glass, bracing bars and hand rails, concealed fixtures, polished finishes and more added extras help to personalise the enclosure. They can be designed entirely to the user’s needs, making them even more accessible for those with limited mobility.

Set Descending Direction
Set Descending Direction

Prices start from as little as £105.00 for an enclosure – a small price to pay for the freedom and independence that a fully-fledged wetroom offers the user. There are a great range of sizes available to fit any room, so whether you’re renovating an en-suite for a disabled user, or refurbishing your main bathroom to make it more accessible, there are sizes and shapes to suit every room.

Browse the range here at Bella Bathrooms – if you need any assistance choosing the right easy access wetroom for you, our team are always available to lend a helping hand. Get in touch today!