Frontline Adella

The Frontline Adella collection is the epitome of contemporary style and effortless functionality. This bathroom suite is one of the most coveted and popular collections we have here at Bella Bathrooms, and it’s easy to see why, with its smooth, slightly angular design that brings a classic white bathroom set right into the 21st century. Bella Bathrooms are renowned for their comprehensive collection of brand names, and the fact that this unique bathroom set bears the Frontline name is a testament to its quality, durability and beautiful aesthetics.

As one of the most respected and renowned names in the world of bathroom furnishings, Frontline’s products set the benchmark for thousands of others, blazing a trail in both design and functionality that many other brands must attempt to replicate.

If you’re thinking of installing the beautiful Frontline Adella collection in your bathroom, get in touch with the team today. We can help you make the important decisions about your bathroom and answer any questions you might have about this strikingly modern bathroom set.

Frontline Adella Bathroom Suite

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