Tavistock Vibe

If you’re in the market for seriously sleek products that are in our bathroom suite sale then take a look at Tavistock Bathrooms Vibe range. This contemporary collection’s refreshing simplicity of style ensures it’ll look good in any bathroom regardless of the room’s original design aesthetic.

The Tavistock Vibe is a range that will particularly appeal to those with cubist leanings - thanks to the rather square and straight-lined military look it displays – a masculine rather than feminine look. This modern style as well as looking fabulous is also extremely easy to keep clean and looking first class.

The Tavistock Vibe range is a quality geometric styled range from one of our top manufacturers. The beauty of this extensive range lies in its sleek simplicity and contemporary characteristics. For an efficient and stylistic solution on to your bathroom needs - get the vibe!

Tavistock Vibe Bathroom Suite

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