Funky Toilet Seats

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Looking for something a little different for your bathroom? Check out our funky toilet seats to spice up your bathroom from our range of toilet seats. A funky toilet seat can add a little design interest to an otherwise plain bathroom. Why stick to basic bathroom design when you can choose funky toilet seats to brighten up your space? One of our favourite toilet accessories choosing a funky toilet seat can prove a real talking point. We think these funky toilet seats will suit cloakroom spaces so your guest can see your individual style. It is probably the room where you can have a little fun with your design.

With a range of cool designs and colours, there is a funky toilet seat ready to live up any bathroom. Browse our range of glitter toilet seats to add a touch of sparkle to your bathroom. For anyone who thinks toilet seats are boring accessories this range will change their mind. Choose from both glitter and patterned funky toilet seats along with an LED toilet seat that is light and sound activated! Never worry about bumping into your toilet again when using the bathroom in the middle of the night.