Contemporary interior bathroom design with glass enclosed shower stall with Cararra marble tiles. Duo shower heads with rain shower and conventional shower head. White Cararra marble counter and natural wood vanity. Heated towel rack hanger. Photographed in horizontal format.

10 Small Bathroom Wall Storage Ideas

Are you seeking small bathroom storage ideas? Looking for an alternative to the traditional under basin cabinet? If so, you have come to the right place for all bathroom storage space ideas.

Below, we take a look at 10 excellent small bathroom storage solutions, helping you to find the perfect idea for your problem. With so many different types of storage units to choose from inclusive of wall shelves, hanging baskets, and more, it can be tricky knowing which bathroom storage idea to go for.

Allow us to talk you through these 10 ideas that are sure to offer great storing options and a stylish edge in your bathroom. Read on to be inspired and find the small bathroom suite storage ideas to complete your bathroom space.

The 10 Best Ideas for Small Bathroom Storage Space on a Wall

1. Vanity Unit

The elegant and refined Tavistock Courier vanity units are a great storage idea for any small bathroom. Compact with a modern edge, the basin sits perfectly into the top of the vanity for a simplistic yet effective design. A 600mm worktop is required for the installation of this bathroom vanity which should be noted before going ahead and purchasing.

Tavistock Courier vanity unit

With soft closing doors and chrome-plated handles on the cupboards, you will benefit from plenty of storage and practicality. With this bathroom storage unit, you can choose from a variety of worktop materials to customise the styling of your bathroom. As one of the most versatile storing ideas for a contemporary bathroom, this unit can be placed against the wall for a complete set of bathroom cabinets with a fitted toilet too.

If you are looking for affordable bathroom storage that won’t take up all your floor space, this could be the answer. With the available slate worktop paired with this vanity, your bathroom will be looking both beautiful and clean at all times. Use the Tavistock Courier vanity as a linen closet or to free up counter space, any way you choose it will look right at home in your house.


2. Open Shelving Unit

For a cheaper alternative to an entire small bathroom cabinet, the Croydex Pedestal unit could be a great option. If you are looking to maximise space through storing items in your bathroom then this extra storage may do just the trick. With chrome-plated steel construction, this unit offers sturdiness and reliability making it an ideal shower caddy for essentials. A great size with multiple shelves for all your bathroom essentials, this storage shelving unit is quick to assemble and comes with all the fixings to put it together.

Croydex Pedestal Storage Unit

Open shelving can look beautiful in a small bathroom as it allows you to display ornamental pieces and towels. This type of shelving in bathroom areas can be useful for items such as toilet paper and other must-haves, making it quick to access new supplies when needed.

Because chrome is such a universal colour, you won’t have to worry about matching this shower caddy with the rest of the decor in your bathroom. In fact, this affordably priced bathroom storage idea is about as universal as it gets and so it will look great and add extra style to your space.


3. Laundry Basket

If you’re tight on floor space one of the quickest storage solutions is to choose a pretty laundry basket that can be used as an alternative to a linen closet for the storing of hand towels and bath towels. While this isn’t the most common when it comes to bathroom ideas for storage, it does work and can save you money on otherwise expensive (and bulky) units. There are lots of designs to choose from inclusive of bamboo and wicker products which can look fantastic in a beach themed bathroom space.

When it comes to small bathroom storing ideas, there’s nothing better than thinking outside the box. A combination of floating shelves and a tasteful laundry basket can fulfill all of your bathroom storage needs.

Or, if you already have a unit fitted and are looking for extra bathroom storage, a laundry basket can be a quick fix that will store a surprisingly large number of items


4. Corner Unit

Eager to save space in your small bathroom but still want to benefit from extra storage? If so, a corner unit could be your ideal product. The wonderful Old London Twilight Blue corner vanity unit delivers everything you need when it comes to small bathroom storage ideas and more. Featuring a stunning midnight blue colour and made using quality materials, this unit will fit snuggly into your bathroom corner helping you to utilise space.

Old London Twilight Blue Corner Vanity Unit

Space saver corner units still offer ample bathroom storage without being bulky or oversized for the small space they’re placed in. Traditional in its design, it looks superb paired with a porcelain white sink and can save you substantial wall space where a shelving unit may have otherwise been fitted. As one of the best storage ideas out there for compact interiors, this product is a win-win.

The vanity comes ready assembled making the task of installing your new small bathroom storage easier than ever. You won’t have to worry about any DIY or strenuous labour with this all in one linen closet bathroom solution. While it doesn’t feature counter space, the interior cupboard is an ideal choice for a medicine cabinet and other bathroom essentials such as body wash.


5. A Tall Cabinet

When looking for small bathroom storage ideas, a tall cabinet could be the answer for a more compact space. Whether you want to stash away toilet paper or you’re looking for a snug place to fit in your spare towels, this Zenith product could be the ideal choice. Taking up no space at all, this is one of the best bathroom storage ideas that will still allow you full practicality while looking sleek, refined, and modern at the same time.

Due to its generous size, the interior offers a large amount of storage space for items such as toilet paper, linen, towels, and other products. With 3 shelves inside, the design of this tall cabinet is small bathroom friendly and the discreet handles underneath the mirrored doors are super discreet. If you are seeking a linen closet and place to safely store medicine out of reach from little hands, this bathroom wall unit is one of the best small bathroom storage solutions available.

Ready assembled and requiring minimal effort to set up, bathroom storage doesn’t get much more stylish than the Zenith Cabinet. For beauty supplies, hair products, hair tools, body wash, and whatever else you want to store away, this product will satisfy.


6. Fitted Furniture

For more bespoke bathroom suites, the Nuie High Gloss White Bathroom Furniture Pack should be your storage option of choice. Though at a higher cost than some of the other options, with this complete fitted furniture cabinet and more you will benefit from complete small bathroom storage with a stylish edge. Offering a modern and fresh look for any bathroom, you will be able to conceal all of your items by storing them away in the vanity unit.

Nuie High Gloss White Bathroom Furniture

Included in this Nuie Gloss fitted furniture set is a wall-mounted unit in a tallboy cabinet style, a WC unit for the back wall above the toilet, and a 3 drawer unit too. As far as small bathroom storage ideas go, this option will allow you to store away all items such as cosmetics and toilet paper. With a pristine white gloss finish, your bathroom will be looking gleaming and the included toilet storage looks beautiful in any space.

You can customise the layout of this wall mounted storage bathroom idea, allowing you to customise where each section goes in order to comfortably fit around the fixtures and fittings. The addition of chrome handles on this universal storage solution that could also act as a medicine cabinet gives a high-end finish and looks super modern too.


7. Towel Cupboard

Though this may seem more of an obvious storage solution, a towel cupboard can be one of the most basic storage ideas for any sized bathroom. If you have a small bathroom, a designated cupboard to store away linen, towel bars, and of course towels is a good option. A cupboard can be a great alternative to the traditional towel rack or shelves in bathroom areas which can be fussy to install.

You won’t need to go overboard with the type of cupboard but depending on just how much space is available, you can go for a built-in option or an external unit. Small bathroom storage ideas can still be stylish too, there are plenty of stylish towel storage cupboards that you can buy even measuring just over a metre high. Towel cupboards can contain a number of shelves too which allow for guest towels or a bundle of family towels if you live in a bigger household.

They’re also great for additional toiletries as well, inclusive of shower and bathing products, and other essentials. If you still require further storage, you can add in extra caddies for items such as makeup brushes, loo roll, nail polish, and more. These types of storage bins can be picked up at a cheap cost from a storage containers store and, dependent on size, can fit snuggly into the cupboard of your choice.


8. Storage Boxes

One of the most basic storage ideas for a bathroom is simple containers that won’t require a designated storage spot for great portability. If you want to move toiletries between bathrooms in the house, choose some simple baskets or even plastic versatile containers. They can be placed on a wall in the bathroom area and are ideal for items such as toilet paper which can be easily concealed when in the box.

While containers may seem not so fancy, they offer great storage potential and come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours. For customised bathroom storage ideas, why not choose something that matches the existing decor? Whether your bathroom has a contemporary style or a traditional look, containers can make great storage ideas and can be made of various materials. Canvas containers look great in neutral colours and fit in perfectly with shabby chic interiors while wire baskets come in a range of materials such as copper, chrome, and matte black too.

You can store away towels in baskets and products such as kids’ toys for bathtime and makeup accessories. No matter what you need to keep out of sight and stored away, sometimes simplicity is key as seen in the case of handy storage for just about everything you could imagine.


9. Towel Racks

If you don’t have wall mounted shelves fitted or any space such as a cabinet, finding a place to put your towels may be a challenge. Luckily, towel rails can be bought at a cheap cost and provide a means of keeping towels readily available and dry after use. Towel racks may not be the most glamourous of bathroom storage ideas but they are quite essential. Whether you want to install simple wall hooks for hanging towels and bathrobes or go for a standing towel rack, they should be added to your small bathroom.

S hooks also make a great solution for hanging your towels as well as suction cups on the walls that easily hold hand towels. Depending on the amount of space in your bathroom, the type of towel rack that you choose can either optimise the space or decrease it.

We always recommend choosing a wall fitted towel rail if you’re working with a really compact bathroom but, if space allows, a standing rack can add to the overall aesthetic. There are lots of racks to choose from depending on your personal preference for a bathroom storage solution.


10. Wall-hung Furnishings

The Nuie Vault Wall Hung Vanity Unit and Toilet Set has a high gloss white finish and will look just the part in any modern small bathroom. For bathroom storage ideas, this complete set is ideal for compact spaces and the wall hung unit features an inset sink which allows you to add the mixer tap that you want.

Nuie Vault Wall Hung Vanity Unit and Toilet Set

All of the elements in the Nuie wall hung vanity set come ready assembled which means less work in terms of installation. This is great if you are seeking small bathroom storage ideas that you can have fitted the exact same day as delivery. The vanity above the sink is ideal as a medicine cabinet and provides optimal safety in a family home if young children are present.


Quick Fixes For Bathroom Storage On A Budget

If you are looking to increase the storage in your existing space without spending much, here are some tips on how. These quick solutions can be installed today, giving you more space for items that would otherwise be on the floor or in the way.

Install an Over-the-Door Shelf

If you want to place a shelf in your bathroom for bath products but don’t have the wall space, consider using the door. You can find affordable over-the-door shelves that work wonders inside the house, and especially in a shower space. While this design isn’t the most fancy, a simple shelf installed in this way takes a few minutes and is a clever way of minimising clutter.

Add Hooks High and Low

Hooks are handy inventions, particularly when it comes to easy storage possibilities. They can be fixed to the wall in a matter of seconds and come in various types of designs. A simple DIY job, once the hooks are in place on the wall you can minimise clutter by hanging towels, robes, linens, and even caddies for makeup too. This simple idea for organising your space is going to help keep things organised and clean from clutter at all times.

Install a Shower Cubby

A shower cubby or caddy can be great for storing items inside and the design can be customised to your own personal liking too. There are tonnes of options for shower cubbies, making them one of the best ideas for storing away things when not in use. Cheap to install and another DIY job that can be done quickly, this option is great for anyone who has a problem with loose bottles and other items.

Add a Shelf Below the Sink

A shelf below the sink is more of a tricky job to carry out but can be great for keeping bath toys away when not in use. Again, the design of your shelf can be customised to your own preference and can even be something as simple as a recycled wine rack. There are plenty of ways to add a unique shelf that doubles up as an under-sink design for keeping the kid’s items out of sight when you want a relaxing bath.

Take Advantage of Cabinet Doors

If you already have a cabinet in your space, why not use it to your advantage by hanging pouches for items onto the cabinet door? This can be a great way to keep on top of clearing away clutter and a less expensive alternative to a bathroom storage ladder. While door caddies may not seem as visually appealing, they certainly do the trick for keeping items organised. Utilise your cabinet door by heading to a container store for some hanging options for storing toiletries, bobby pins, or anything else.

Key Considerations:

Everyone should strive to have a bathroom with storage that allows you to keep all the items you need in the space. As one of the most used spaces in the home, small bathroom storage ideas should be at the top of your priorities when planning the layout. Below we have listed the key considerations to help you decide on your own bathroom needs and which will work best for your budget and items.

What do I put on bathroom shelves?

It is entirely up to you what to put on shelves, whether you want to pile up the toiler paper or display trinkets and antiques, shelves are ideal for this type of space. Folded towels can be put on a shelf, allowing you easy access when needed, or if you have bought baskets they can be placed on shelves too. By choosing to install shelves you will benefit from a super cheap way to customise your space and display everything that you’d want to. For shower storage needs too, shelves can be a great idea as they can be placed high allowing you to easily grab bathing products as and when needed.

How much will my storage ideas cost?

Small bathroom storage ideas and bathroom storage accessories can vary in price depending on what sort of look you want to go for and the budget you have in mind. If you want to go for a full furniture set, this can set you back up to £1000 and beyond. However, if you want to go for a more minimal option such as simple storage baskets, you can choose to spend as little as £20.

How do I make the storage in my bathroom look modern?

If you’re a fan of modern bathroom storage ideas, there are some easy ways you can achieve a contemporary style. In general, clean colours such as white, grey, and black bring about a modern look while added extras such as chrome handles can help too. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a gloss or matte finish for small bathroom storage ideas as this won’t affect how modern the space will be.