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4 Bathroom Improvements You Need in Your Life!

Bathroom Makeovers

Making small bathroom improvements can have a large impact on the feeling of your overall space. A complete bathroom suite renovation isn’t possible for everyone due to cost and time but there are simple changes you can make which don’t cost the earth or require paying for professional help. These small improvements can bring a touch of modern design to any bathroom space and are easily achievable too. Follow our handy tips to complete successful bathroom makeovers in your own home.

Bathroom Makeovers - Tips;

Install a Vanity Unit

Hudson Reed Horizon Vanity Unit

Instantly improve the storage space in your bathroom by replacing a regular basin with a vanity unit. A vanity unit utilises the unused area beneath the basin for storage. This provides an area to store those bathroom essentials close to hand. Keeping these essentials hidden from view can keep your bathroom tidy and clutter free. Such is the wide variety of designer vanity units with basins on the current market you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you need a compact cloakroom version or a double basin vanity for the most lavish of bathrooms the choice is never ending.

The finish of the vanity unit can also make a bold statement to a bathrooms overall design. Both colours and finishes are pretty varied from soft oak tones which are popular in contemporary bathroom styles to more striking black and even red gloss finishes. You can truly create a unique design for any individual bathroom space. For a minimalist style the simplistic gloss white finishes remain a popular choice.

Invest in a Large Mirror

Tavistock Montana Mirror Cabinet

You won’t believe the difference a decent sized mirror can make to the overall appearance of your bathroom. It is particularly beneficial if your space is small or lacking in natural light. There are endless choices when it comes to selecting a type of mirror for your bathroom. Many have modern features such as LED back lighting and even built in speakers. A good tip is to place the mirror opposite the natural light source so that the light can bounce off the mirror around the room to create the illusion of spaciousness.

For small bathrooms if you team your mirror with white reflective surfaces, such as the counter top or bathroom furniture you select, then the brightness created by the natural light will be further enhanced.

Add a Luxurious Towel Rail

Hudson Reed Piazza Towel Rail

There is no better feeling than stepping out of the bath or shower into warm soft towels. This is why a heated towel rail is a must when creating a luxurious bathroom space. Towel rails come in such a wide range of sizes and styles that they can be added to any bathroom. Their wall hung design ensures that they don’t encroach on any vital floor space. This gives you the added bonus of being flexible as to where you position them in your bathroom space.

Opt for a chrome towel rail and you will find that the reflective surface gives a gleaming finish for any modern bathroom space. This will tie in with the chrome finish of contemporary tap styles and bathroom accessories.

Pay Attention to Details

Zenith Bali Chestnut Vanity Unit

It is often the additional extras in a bathroom space that give it a true sense of style. By carefully selecting the ideal accessories for your bathroom you can create a designer finish. With such a wide variety of taps now available you will find that simply updating these fittings can vastly improve the look of your basin or bath. Whether you wish to choose minimalist mixer taps for a contemporary design or add a touch of grandeur with some lavish traditional styled taps anything is possible.

If you can afford to change all the fittings in your bathroom it is definitely worth it to create a coherent finish. Match these fittings with complimentary bathroom accessories where possible. This can transform your bathroom into a room that is both stylish and functional.

If you are looking for some easy ways to make bathroom improvements without doing an entire renovation project then these 4 simple ideas are well worth a try!