4 Reasons Why Your Bathroom Needs A Towel Radiator

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We know, we know, towel radiators are not exactly the most exciting or interesting item to talk about. But here at Bella Bathrooms we feel they don’t get the attention they deserve. There are so many uses and benefits to having a Towel Radiator in your bathroom, and it seems only fair that we share all the information with you.

Cosy Bathroom – This may seem like a bit of an obvious one. But a towel radiator is the perfect solution for keeping your bathroom warm and cosy, particularly in the bitterly cold winter months (or even summer here in the UK...). With the option of an electric radiator, too, you can have total control over when the towel radiator is on, without having to turn on the central heating system. Cosy towels and a warm bathroom whenever you want? – Count us in!

Style – We feel people typically associated a towel radiator with something that was ugly, chunky and took up too much space in the bathroom. However, there are actually hundreds of style options. Whether you want something tall, small, straight, curled, silver, white, black ... there’s a stylish option for you, and one that can add a classy element to your bathroom at an affordable price.

Drying Space – Towel radiators are mainly used for your towels (we know it’s an obvious one – just had to say it). However, come winter when using the clothing line outside only results in your laundry flying around the garden or taking a week to actually dry, using the radiators and rails in your house may be the only option. So, by owning a towel radiator you increase the drying space you have, and the heat will more than halve drying time.

Utilise Space – Small bathroom or big bathroom, a towel radiator is great for any size space. They fit tightly on the wall, can squeeze into those awkward corners and do not sit on the floor taking up essential space like a standard radiator would. With many rails on each too, you can also keep all your towels and flannels in one place, without cluttering up your bathroom.

We hope these benefits have inspired you to consider a Towel Radiator in your bathroom, and if we have helped at least one of you stay warm and cosy this winter then we’re a happy bunch!

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