5 Luxury Baths Perfect for Relaxation Time!

Each year we all count down our holidays with great excitement and anticipation but let’s face it this time of year can actually end up quite hectic and stressful! What better way to ease the aches of a busy day shopping or packing than finding time for a relaxing soak in the bath? A long hot soak can help to relieve those tired feet and also give your mind the necessary time to chill out too. Does this sound the sort of therapy you need over the busy holiday period? If so we have selected five luxury baths from our extensive range to get you dreaming about finding the perfect bath to add to your home this year.

5 Luxury Baths:

Corner Baths

1.Corner Baths

Not all of us are blessed with generous sized bathrooms but thankfully the space saving design of a corner bath means that you can still enjoy a long soak in a spacious bath. The Moods Orlando Luxury Corner Bath offers a stylish design which you can choose to add on special extras such as lighting, whirlpool jets and even a bluetooth sound system so that you can create the perfect atmosphere for your relaxation time. This great design of corner bath means there is no compromise on your bathing experience even if you have a smaller bathroom space.

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2.Roll Top Baths

Despite the influx of modern designs when it comes to choosing a lavish bath style a traditional roll top bath is still a winner in our eyes. The sumptuous design of a roll top bath can create a real focal point for your bathroom and just tempts you to get in! One of our favourite roll top baths is the Moods Richmond White Freestanding Bath with its decorative feet that give it the distinct style. This luxury bath is also available in a black version which is perfect for a monochrome bathroom decor.

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3. Freestanding Baths

If you are looking for a modern twist on the traditional roll top style then check out our generous selection of freestanding baths. These luxury baths are generously sized to suit larger family bathroom spaces and the flexibility of these baths is they can be placed anywhere in your bathroom. So whether you wish to take a dip looking out of a window or have your bath as the main centerpiece of the room this bath type is for you. They are also available in both modern and traditional styles to suit everyone’s taste. We love the April Brearton Thin Rim Freestanding Bath with its beautiful minimalist and curved design. I don’t think anyone would blame you for wanting to while to hours away in this appealing bath!

Frontline Pure

4.Double Ended Baths

Most of us love to enjoy a bath alone for the chance to grab some me time but if you choose a double ended bath you can share the time if you wish to. Double ended baths are perfect to enjoy some intimate relaxation time with your partner and it might be the only time the two of you aren’t disturbed over the holiday season! We offer a good selection of these double ended baths to match numerous bathroom designs but a particularly striking design is the Frontline Pure Luxury Freestanding Double Ended Bath. This gorgeous bath will undoubtedly become the main feature in your bathroom and we are confident you will be going out of your way to spend more time enjoying bathing in it!

Frontline Carrera

5.Whirlpool Baths

For the ultimate in luxury who wouldn’t want to create their own spa at home to enjoy when it’s freezing cold outside? With choices of different numbers of jets and even underwater lighting you can truly choose a bath tailored to your own needs. With a glass of bubbles in one hand and a book in the other whilst you enjoy the water therapy created by the whirlpool systems you could be set for a heavenly time. The Frontline Carrera Luxury Double Ended Bath has seven different bespoke options for you to choose from to create this ultimate in bathing luxury. What more could you wish for?

Hopefully we have given you some ideas to inspire you when it comes to selecting the ideal bath for you to spend your relaxation time? If not head check out our Buyer’s Guide to Baths for more luxury baths and ideas.