5 Great Ideas For Your Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors. Who’d be without them? You can check to see how you’re looking but you also make your bathroom instantly more stylish and bang on trend when you pick a suitably striking option. They are one of the most important bathroom accessories to choose when styling your bathroom. Here are our 5 great ideas for your bathroom mirror that you might want to bear in mind as you go browsing.

Top 5 Mirror Inspirations

It’s All In The Frame

The real appeal of a mirror lies in the frame. There are such a myriad of options available ideally suited to all bathroom styles including cutting edge contemporary, modern and minimalist or touchingly traditional. Your mirror frame can really make or break this style. Of course, you might choose to go without a frame at all but a frame can add wonderful finishing touches and also help your bathroom cultivate a symmetrical style. Consider subtle streamlined frames or chunky, bold frames to add depth, and bright colours or patterns to enthuse your room with a pop of dazzling life.

LED Or Backlit Mirrors

LED or backlit mirrors are a real modern innovation and add a touch of decadent luxury to your bathroom. You’ll never struggle to see yourself again, even in the dark, and your bathroom will remain on the cutting edge. Again, there is a wide range of options to consider, all of which revitalise the room.

Mirrors With Attached Cabinets Or Shelving

Mirrors can also maximise their use, operating as storage spaces as well as a way to check up on your reflection. Mirrors with cabinets or shelving attached enable you to keep everything in easy reach, including items that you can use in tandem with the mirror, such as cleansers, moisturisers and makeup items. Adding effortless convenience, storage and shelving is a great way to make your mirror more useful.

Magnifying Mirrors

For those that wish to inspect their every pore, magnifying mirrors are a great way to do so. Ideal for the application of makeup and for cleansing or beauty routines and regimes, magnifying mirrors are a great way to see yourself up close.

The Style Is In The Shape

No matter what look you are trying to cultivate, a shapely mirror can be worked to your advantage. Round, elegant styles add refined grace and break up harsh rooms, adding softness whilst chunky square mirrors can add a little precision and structure. There are a lot of shapes available on the market nowadays so you can make the choice that suits you best.