5 stylish options for shower enclosures

Modern shower enclosures are all the rage, especially now bathrooms are typically becoming larger than in previous years. A shower enclosure or wet room is the ultimate in cleansing luxury, and nowadays there is so much choice it can be hard to know where to start. From walk-in showers, self contained showers, shower enclosures with a range of doors to choose from, it can be terribly overwhelming for the home owner to choose an ideal style for their space.

Many of the sleek, contemporary designs of shower enclosures will look great in any bathroom as they are a timeless classic. However there are still many things to consider before buying, such as the shape of the shower and the door – where are you positioning the shower enclosure in the room, and is there enough space for an opening door? If not don’t panic, you can simply opt for a sliding door or no shower door to create a walk-in shower. Enclosures also come in a wide range of sizes, so it’s important to get those measurements right.

5 Stylish Options for Shower Enclosures:

1. Quadrant Enclosure

A quadrant shaped enclosure is fast becoming the most popular shower as it is a modern take on the traditional square shower cubicles. Quadrant shower enclosures are designed to fit in even the most smallest places, and their smooth and sleek design offers a dual purpose as it makes the bathroom appear larger than it actually is.


2. Bow Fronted Enclosure

Bow Fronted Shower
An innovative and extremely modern design, the bow fronted enclosure can be installed in any size bathroom as the shape can change. Not only is this enclosure sleek and stylish, it effectively maximises the amount of showering space inside the enclosure.


3. Walk-in Shower

Decades ago if someone would have suggested installing a shower without a door it would have caused uproar. Now, walk-in showers – minus a door- are all the rage, thanks to their contemporary styling and the feeling of total freedom it provides to the showering experience. The main feature of the door-less enclosure means the shower is basically maintenance free and much easier to clean.


4. Wet Room

Installing a wet room is the easiest way to transform your bathroom into a luxury spa-like haven. The ultimate in luxury showering, creating a wet room gives complete control and management to the home owner in choosing the size of the wet area and the placing of the glass panels. The ultimate minimalist design, a wet room usually consists of just a shower head and two free standing panels, enabling the owner to fully utilize space in the bathroom and making cleaning hassle-free.


5. Ready made Cubicle

Shower cubicles can be made into all shapes and sizes to fit into just about any space. They will have a tray at the bottom and have glass walls fitted, and a door of your choice. Shower cubicles come with pivot doors, sliding doors or bi-fold doors to work with the rest of your bathroom.

With all of these enclosures you can choose from an array of different door designs to make your ideal shower enclosure.