6 Cheap Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look More Expensive

We all want our bathrooms looking like the one’s A-listers have in their country mansions. But lets be honest, we don’t all have thousands of pounds sat around for a brand new luxury suite. So we’ve put together 6 affordable ways you can make your bathroom suite look chic & expensive without breaking the bank. Plus, less is more anyway, right? Check out our inexpensive bathroom makeover ideas and we are sure you will be inspired.

6 Inexpensive Bathroom Makeover Ideas


Just by updating your towels & bath mats you instantly change the whole look of your bathroom. The fluffier the better in this case. Try using neutral tones too, like muted greys and creams as they add an element of soft hotel luxury.


Whether you light them to create a relaxed or romantic atmosphere, or the patterned packaging fits perfectly with your colour scheme and it looks great as an ornament on the shelf, candles are a great way to add luxury to your bathroom. There are so many scents out there, but with prices from just a few pounds in high street stores, you will be bound to find candles that will keep your bathroom smelling lovely and looking glamorous.

Shower head Switch up

There’s nothing worse than a shower head that literally dribbles out the water. Never mind the time it adds to your routine. We love rainfall shower heads for a more powerful water flow and they create the hotel bathroom vibe we all adore. These shower heads are available for just £24, so they’re totally within budget.

Art Work

Adding art work to your bathroom walls is not only a great way to express your personality but it’s sometimes the finishing touch you needed to bring your whole bathroom environment together. Implement your colour scheme in the image for a subtle luxurious feel, or add a pop of colour for something contrasting, bright and fun.

Bath Tray

To us, these scream ‘the glamorous life’. Perfect for placing that glass of wine whilst you relax (not just on Sundays) your magazine, or anything else you need in the bath (it’s totally okay if you want to eat cake – we won’t judge). They also come in many materials, so you can create that rustic country feel, or classy modern bathroom so you’re bound to find one that you love.


Grotty, dirty rusting taps are the last thing you would see in a luxury hotel bathroom or celeb suite. So by changing them you will create a cleaner, classier look and give the impression you’ve spent a lot more money than you actually have. With prices from as low as £15 for basin mixer taps, this is definitely an affordable option to make your bathroom look more expensive. Follow our blog with Bloglovin