7 Extremely Clever Bathroom Storage Ideas

Unique Bathroom Storage Ideas

Follow our bathroom storage ideas to make your bathroom a clutter free haven!

Loo Roll As Art Work

Yes, it sounds bizarre. Loo roll doesn’t exactly scream ‘glamour’, but as you can see, using loo roll as art work is actually a rather quirky idea, and one we are definitely going to give a go!

Wire Racks

Using shelving like these wire racks not only creates a unique, chic look, but gives you plenty of space to hold all those bits and bobs you can never find a place for.

Units Under The Sink

The space under a sink is often wasted, however it’s actually the perfect place to store all those items you use on a daily basis. By using triangular shaped shelves you can conveniently fit them around the angles of the sink. This is the ideal solution for small bathrooms!

Wicker Baskets On Shelves

Keep all your little bits and bobs securely and neatly in a basket. This prevents clutter, stops things falling off the shelves, and they’re handy for using on empty spaces like window sills.

Pull Out Storage

Want to keep things hidden? Your bathroom looking clean and modern? Use pull out storage like the one pictured to keep your things well out of side.

Tall Units In Small Spaces

Got an annoying gap in your bathroom? A bit of space that looks out of place, yet you don’t know what to do with it? Add a small, but tall shelving unit and fill with towels (like pictured) or anything else you can’t find a home for.

Wicker Baskets

You can purchase wicker baskets from most home stores for very little cost. By screwing them into the wall you can use them as shelving. Ideal for towels & loo roll and perfect for a tradtional rustic looking bathroom! We wouldn’t recommend places candles in them though. The health & safety police would be after us!… Finding the right bathroom storage can be a timely, costly and difficult task! No bathroom is the same shape or size, so it’s not a case of ‘one fits all’.

What we have done to help you out, is pulled together 7 really clever bathroom storage ideas that anyone can make work in their bathroom. Have a peak through the gallery above, and let us know in the comments which ones you are going to try!