8 Modern Bathroom Ideas

We all have different tastes when it comes to bathroom styles and ideas. Today we’re sharing our favourite modern bathroom ideas that you can affordably recreate with Bella Bathroom products. A modern bathroom creates a simplistic, clean and fresh look, typically using minimal colour, sleek shapes and simple patterns and is a popular choice for many homes.

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Modern Bathroom Ideas

Modern bathrooms are typically categorized into 3 styles, allowing you to choose the right suite for you!:

Minimalist Bathroom Suites – feature a seamless design which follows simplistic lines to create a look that shows less is often more!

Designer Bathroom Suites – produced from some of the UK’s leading bathroom designers to bring the latest looks to your bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Suites – lavish bathroom suite items which feature the latest in modern technology.

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Though the bathroom space is relatively small, there are a variety of modern bathroom design ideas that can be applied to make it look great. There are no limitations to what can be done but it is essential to have a functional plan that can be used. There are a variety of aspects to consider that will affect the end results directly or indirectly so it’s important you plan carefully.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

If you want to carry out a complete refit of your existing bathroom, it is best to hire an expert due to the intricacies that apply to the plumbing system. However, for design and decoration, you can make it a DIY home improvement project if you do not want to spend the extra money. As long as you have a basic understanding of the job at hand and a good eye for design, you will be able to transform your bathroom into a haven.

Bathroom Budget

Before beginning your project, consider the financial implications of the changes that you will make. A detailed budget plan can be effectively done through researching the elements you’ll need to buy and shopping and browsing online can also help with inspiration. If you can only estimate the potential cost, make sure that you take the upper limit figure.

Modern Bathroom suite

Create Your Vision

It is also necessary to have a vision of what you want to accomplish. Spontaneity is a good thing but not for home décor. The finished bathrooms impact will be disappointing if everything doesn’t pull together just right. You can research what is best suited to match with your existing bathroom suite if you’re planning to keep it in and which decorative items should not be put in the bathroom. The general trend is for a full refit, although if you’re on a budget, you could always take some of the design ideas and try and work them into your existing bathroom. From technology to colour, these ideas and trends will give you a more fabulous bathroom for years to come.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

Colour Schemes

Hudson Reed Memoir Gloss Grey Bathroom Furniture

Like the rest of the living space in the home, colours are of great importance in the decoration of the bathroom. There are different ways in which colours and patterns can be used to bring about a beautiful blend. Most people favor gentle hues and shades in this room to create a relaxing environment and it is also easier to maintain good cleanliness standards. The current trend is that bathrooms will be using warmer tones such as softer cream-yellow or grey on the walls.

Shades of blue are also becoming quite popular. Do not be afraid to experiment as long as you can present a good blend in the final results. The fixtures of most modern bathrooms are sleek so you should be able to find some accessories that complement that sleek look. Remember that the colour goes beyond the walls, the shower curtain and cabinets. It should be considered for the accessories, robes and towels to reinforce your statement look.

Practical Bathroom DĂ©cor

Shower Accessories

Most people think of the bathroom as just a necessity in the home instead of a room that should be lively and promote comfort. To create a unique design, appeal can be added in the seemingly expedient items to create distinctive décor. A modern bathroom gives more freedom than one would imagine. Think of the essential items as part of the design instead of conveniences. The hooks added to support the clothes do not have to be plain; they can become part of the whole image. The racks or baskets used can have decorative aspects. The shower curtains and screen also have great potential for improving the bathroom. The lighting can be modified to include shading or it can be designed in a chandelier-like style. The key to achieving good results is to avoid settling for bland items just because they are functional.

Impractical DĂ©cor

Bathroom Art

The addition of art and accessories into the bathroom is not always something people consider but these are what will personalise your space. Pick out items that you like and those that will not be affected by the humid environment. You can include art and imagery pieces that are water resistance as well as themed collections of items you love. The principle of decoration is the same as that used in decorative tiles, which you can also add. Geometric print tiles are likely to be popular this year, as is artwork in the bathroom, so these are two points you should definitely consider.

Modern Bathroom Trends

Minimalist Design

Minimalist Design Bathroom Furniture

This style is current and its popularity is only expected to increase. In bathrooms, it has gained almost as much attention as the high-efficiency green technologies. Items such as decorative handles are being eliminated to give a cleaner look and there is also a move towards compartmentalizing the bathroom so that individual zones are dedicated to a particular task. However, there is still a tendency to dress this design with more traditional finishes to create a warmer environment. This means that you will be able to implement your design ideas without compromising the convenience.

Less White

Coloured Tiles

Many homeowners are yet to explore the benefits of going beyond the normal white in their bathrooms. There is a general trend towards using so much white for both the walls and the fixtures such as the bath and the sink. The popular colours are beige, blue and various shades of grey because they offer visual value while still allowing one to keep the bathroom spotless. Tile designs are also shifting towards sleek, black options that are an ideal contrast. The choice will depend on preference and taste of the user, but as mentioned before geometrics are likely to be a big trend so you should certainly consider your options carefully.


Technology Image

In the past, technology was not considered to be part of the bathroom but the progress ensures that you will have just about anything installed. Advanced electronics are being included in modern bathrooms to create new and more satisfying experiences. Digital showering systems have features that allow water flow control, warm-up options and temperature control. Entertainment gadgets have also been added including audio speakers and TVs so that the time spent will be more fulfilling. There are limitations to what will be available in the future but bathroom designs including these features are set to be on the rise.

The coming year holds a lot of possibilities for homeowners and if you have an opportunity to make some changes in the bathroom then you should definitely think about the ideas above. Design is about addressing the personal elements of your life and bringing them into being by cultivating the style in your home. Whether you choose to use a professional or employ DIY techniques, think about how much better you bathroom could be!