Planning and installing a new bathroom in your house

A guide to planning and installing your new bathroom suite

Regarded as one of the most popular rooms in the house, the bathroom is a place of luxury and warmth designed to provide relaxation after a long day. A bathroom should be pleasant to use and clean to provide the best experience possible when needing to use the facilities contained within. For many home owners, planning and installing a new bathroom can become a daunting task, especially to those of little experience. That’s why we at Bella Bathrooms are providing you with this easy to follow guide explaining all key areas. Once you know what to do, installing a new bathroom becomes an easy task as the majority of work consists of simple plumbing with the aid of modern components. Water supplies can be replaced with modern materials to help repel limescale from building-up. Plastic piping can be used to replace old metal waste piping and with full knowledge of carrying out the tasks, a new bathroom can be installed in an extremely short period of time.

With modern bathroom refurbishments becoming increasingly popular, more home owners want to develop a dated bathroom into a contemporary and luxurious suite. It is vital to keep any bathroom looking fresh and clean; therefore the importance of removing chipped ceramics or rusty pipes is always on the agenda of thousands of home owners. The beauty of refurbishing a bathroom is that the room can be totally transformed even when on the smallest of budgets. Consumers need very little skill and the need for specialist equipment is extremely low. The majority of home owners will be capable of transforming a suite right now.

Planning your bathroom is the most important stage when refurbishing a room. Knowing how much space you have available is extremely important and can determine the things you can and cannot buy for your room. Knowing placement for key items such as basins, toilets and showers is a key aspect that you must consider. Having key statistics such as room dimensions are a necessity and creating a blueprint of how the room will look is a good idea to ensure no issues are caused if product too big has been purchased. For smaller rooms, consumers should only purchase items of low size to avoid cramping space. Home owners should consider standing space as this is vital for those wanting easily accessible stations to use functions effectively. Consumers should focus on items they need in the room and then add smaller, less useful products if space is available.

Example of planning a room

Bathroom Plan

Elements contained within a suite also need to be considered. For example, if a user needs to place electrical items in a room, space must be implemented between the electrical device and bath/shower for key health and safety factors. It is also vital that the height of items has been considered as low a roof can easily obstruct certain items from fitting in the suite. When considering size, specially designed cloakroom products can be bought from bathroom stockists to help create as much room as possible. For those with a wider scope of space, larger variants of items such as Wet Rooms are an option and are guaranteed to provide an excellent showering experience.

Once planning is complete and all items have been purchased, the next job for the consumer is to install the items. This is the stage where a home owner may worry about getting the job done, however the whole procedure can be made simple if an organised list of all necessary tasks is compiled first. Make notes on what needs removing, what needs installing, anything that needs cleaning, installation of new pipes or temporary removing items. After this has been completed, you can then move onto completing each step in order to ensure all tasks have been completed.

Most work is contained within the removal of items and once this has been completed the next steps are simple. When removing items, it is important to progressively remove units that provide water as this ensures there is always a supply of water in the room at all times. Remove an item and then replace it, repeat the process until the full room is complete. Installing a new bath/shower can be completed in a day if the home owner successfully reconnects all water lines to enable its usage. Ensure that all items purchased fit into the room before removing old items and confirm that the products are in good condition and fully analysed. The next stage is to gather all tools required for the installation as this will make the whole process smoother. Key items such as a wrench, water pump pliers and a pipe cutter are generally all that’s needed to get the job done.

Bathroom Planning Guide

When fitting your new bathroom suite it is vital for you to check the installation instructions on each of the products to fully understand how the item needs to be fitted effectively. This is why it is extremely important to have a clean bathroom before inserting new items as this will make the job easier. If you are installing a new toilet make sure factors such as traps are inserted correctly to help the flow of water. When installing new items, it would also be advantageous to cover up any holes or gaps in walls to help insulate the room effectively. After all products have been installed, decorating the suite is the next step and is important when wanting to add the final finishing touches. Factors such as wall tiling and floor installation need to be done after all items have been placed as this allows an improvement in style and design. Items such as waterproof tilling is useful for wanting to insulate the room effectively and is assured to last the test of time. Once all decorative work is complete, home owners then need to seal the gaps between the rim of units and the wall to prevent water spillage from either a basin or bath.

Once all has been completed, home owners can then apply and install luxurious furniture to complete the overall look. Products for storage such as vanity units, cabinets and wall hung furniture are extremely useful when wanting to maintain a clean and contemporary look whilst mirrors provide a great functionality to any room. If all above steps have been considered and carried out, you should be on your way to owning a luxurious suite that every home deserves.