A Leaking Tap – How To Fix It

Leaking taps can be an incredibly annoying experience as well as utterly wasteful. Fortunately, it’s a relatively common household malfunction so it’s not particularly difficult to repair. Most of us will experience a leaky tap at some stage. There are numerous causes behind a leaking tap, so localising the source should be your first priority but fixing it won’t be too problematic. Here’s a comprehensive guide from Bella Bathrooms which will explain how to fix it once and for all!

Starting Point - Begin with the Washer

Washers can sometimes be the agitating source of your leaky tap. The issue is often found, with various tap types, that they simply need to be replaced. There are three that you need to consider: the o-ring, body washer and jumper valve. All are available in standard sizes but you’ll want to be sure you replace your washer with the correct size or it won’t do the trick. If in doubt, take your washers into a store and get them to match you with a suitable replacement.

How to remove your washer and install a new one:

  • Turn off your mains water supply whilst you work and open the tap to release any water that remains in the pipe. Put the plug into the basin so that you don’t lose any of your working parts and equipment down the black hole that is the drain!
  • You can remove the tap’s cover using a screwdriver to reveal the hidden screw. Screws can be positioned in slightly different places depending on your taps but typically they will be beside the hot and cold tap.
  • Undo the screw to remove the handle and place a cloth to make sure that you don’t scratch the appliances. Using your spanner or wrench, you can unscrew the tap bonnet, remove the headgear and you will see a large body washer, o-ring and jumper valve.
  • The jumper valve will effortlessly come out of its own accord but you’ll need to replace the body washer, o-ring and refit the bonnet and spindle once done. You can now turn on the water main and see if your leak has been fixed.


What if tap still leaks?

If after following the steps, your tap is still leaking, it might be worth calling in a professional. You may need to have your tap re-sealed which you can do yourself by purchasing a re-sealing kit. If you feel bewildered or lack the DIY know-how, calling in an expert will quickly and effectively return things to normal so you can regain your sanity and prevent water wastage!

Call in the profesionals!

Maybe you simply don’t have the time to try and solve the quandary yourself – not many of us do! If this is the case leave this job to a professional plumber, who can probably solve the problem of a leaky faucet in under an hour.