Acquaint yourself with the Latest Shower technology for 2015

Bathrooms are notoriously practical, functional spaces where intriguing, pioneering new technological developments can be made. This means that even if you’re lacking for inspiration at first, there is always something cutting edge available that means your bathroom needn’t be boring or bland.

After a long, stressful day, most people’s idea of heaven is a nice, hot shower but nowadays having a shower is not just about feeling clean and refreshed but about making the most of the technological advancements for a truly unique showering experience. The phenomenal new range of water jets and high-powered shower sprays from various market leaders such as Mira, Triton and Hudson Reed are ensured to provide a memorable shower each and every time. These exciting revolutions in technology can help you make some informed decisions about the future of your shower.

Electric Showers

Electric showers have been around for a while but have some exciting new developments that keep them a best seller. Electric showers are guaranteed to stay hot even if the house electricity goes down – a feature that is sure to keep it at the top of the pro list when the old bath vs shower debate rears its head. The bold, curved designs of MX Electric Showers or the quirky, refined touch brought to the table by Mira mean there is something for everyone. If you’re in the market for a new electric shower and want one that is at the cutting edge, look for features such as thermostatic temperature controls, energy saving functions and space saving designs.

Power Showers

Hot and cold water is combined and then pushed through at top speed by an integrated pump. Power showers only heat the water that is used, ensuring that after the initial purchase, costs run low. Power shower technology is constantly developing with new modes and features being added. The plus point in that a power shower can feel like a massage for tired muscles so look for ones with additional controls that give more flexibility over the jet of water.

Mixer Showers

Mixer showers are so named because they fuse hot and cold water to create the perfect showering temperature. This style contains no clunky electrics and so looks perfect in modern, minimalist showers. Mixer showers are considered to be some of the most visually pleasing thanks to their minimalistic style. Designs include the spindly, sleek Damixa range and the square, bold Ultra range. A key trend in this area is for slimmer, sleeker units so look out for thinner than ever consoles, unusual and luxe materials and cool colour combos.

Digital Showers

Digital showers are a true technological revolution and are perfect for those who want their shower to do all the work. You never need to fuss with this range, because the shower sets and tells you when the temperature is just right for you. The intelligent technology is controlled by an effortless push button system that returns control to the user whilst minimizing the effort involved. Triton's range has an ultra-svelte and suave design whilst Aqualisa boasts a petite, gorgeously sinuous style that we adore.

Shower Towers

We are very excited to introduce the versatile, highly adaptable shower tower. These showers are perfect for those who agree that variety is the spice of life. Able to hold various shower heads, body jets and controls at once, you can have a different shower experience every day! Shower towers are aesthetically bold and striking so they make a strong statement.

Shower Body Jets

For those that need extra relaxation after a stressful day at the office or a particularly tedious commute, the shower body jet massages as it cleans. The remarkable water pressure is nonetheless astoundingly quiet ensuring that your relaxing showering experience is not disrupted unnecessarily. This range will appeal to those with an interest in low energy consumption as these body jets are highly environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Browse through the large range of showers available at Bella Bathrooms. We are sure you will find the perfect shower for you!