Add Luxury Features to Your Bathroom to Create a Spa Environment in Your Own Home!

Creating a Spa environment in your home

Spa BathroomsDo you yearn for a little me time? Instead of splurging money on expensive treatments and spa days changing some of the features in your own bathroom can help to bring that spa environment to your own home. The bathroom can be designed to be a place of ultimate relaxation where we can wind down after the stresses of a busy day. In recent times people spend more money on visiting spas as a means to unwind and take inspiration from these spas when looking to create their dream bathroom space. However we can’t always afford to completely alter our bathrooms so what luxury items can we add to our own bathrooms to produce a spa like haven that we crave?

What Luxury Additions Can Help to Create a ‘Spa’ Bathroom?

Luxury Showers

Waterfall Shower HeadThere are extensive ranges of showers now on the market which are becoming ever more luxurious to help you create an indulgent showering experience in your own home. Waterfall shower heads create an invigorating shower experience to wash away your stresses and there has been an increase in large overhead shower heads that will drench you in warm water. This rainfall effect produced by the overhead shower is very much in keeping with the style of shower you would find in a modern spa. You can alter your shower as little or as much as you like but something as simple as changing your shower head can have a big impact.

Rain Bar
To take the theme a little further there are plenty of showers with additional handsets which give you a greater control of the direction the spray reaches you. More modern showers also have thermostatic controls which allow you better control of both temperature and water flow so you can create the ideal shower to suit your mood. The additions of body jets can also create a more massaging effect within your shower whilst the Hudson Reed Rain Bar offers another element to your shower to create a luxurious feel.

HR Genie Chrome
For the ultimate luxury in showering the Hudson Reed Genie Chrome LED Thermostatic Shower Panel offers it all. In its stylish chrome finish it features an additional handset, four round body jets, an overhead square fixed shower head with LED lights plus LED touch temperature and flow control. What more could you wish for? This modern shower panel can take your relaxing shower experience to another level.

Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool BathsNothing says ‘spa’ more obviously than the addition of a whirlpool bath to your bathroom. There is a huge range of whirlpool baths available now with a varying number of massaging jets to help relieve you of your tension. These luxury baths can also include wellness systems and chromatherapy systems to create a more indulgent bathing experience. Creating the perfect ambience is also vital in achieving this spa mood in your bathroom so you will be pleasantly surprised that some of the high end baths even include Bluetooth sound systems letting you while your time away to some soothing tones.

The Frontline Orlah Luxury Offset Corner Bath is a generous sized bath which has plenty of options to add those additional extras. Choose from a 6, 8 or 10 Jet Whirlpool or the 12 Jet Airspa and even deluxe whirlpool version depending on your budget.

Double Basins

Hudson Reed Mid Sawn
If were honest this look is taken from a boutique hotel rather than a spa as such but the addition of a double basin can add a sumptuous look to your bathroom. The Hudson Reed Mid Sawn Oak 1 Drawer Vanity Unit with counter top basins can help you create a separate his and hers basin. This also means all the lotions and potions that you want to use can be kept separately from your partner or the rest of the family. The addition of a stylish waterfall effect tap will help to bring this in line with a luxury spa look.

Floating Basins
Sunken basins and countertop basins sited on floating wood shelves can really give a spa inspired look to your bathroom. Vanity units or generous sized work tops can ensure that you have plenty of space to store all those vital toiletries that you will want for your home pampering.

Designer Towel Rails

Designer Towel RailIf you can only add one thing to your bathroom to help give a luxurious feeling then a designer towel rail is the one. You might as well at least have the luxury of warm towels for when you step out of the bath or shower. You could even hang your bath robe over or place your slippers underneath so that you mimic the feeling of padding round the warm spa environment. These designer towel rails are available in a large range of sizes and shapes to suit any design of bathroom whilst also creating a focal point for your bathroom.

Wooden Furniture

Tavistock Impact
Adding stylish wooden furniture to your bathroom can really suit a spa type feel. Lots of modern spas tend to style their areas in this way by bringing a touch of nature inside. Wooden furniture matches both earthy and neutral tones perfectly which is the look most spas try to achieve. We particularly like the Tavistock Impact Java Vanity Unit to bring this touch of natural texture to your ‘spa’ bathroom.

Adding a stylish wooden cabinet with shelving to your bathroom will allow you to store your towels rolled up and easy to hand. These open fronted units usually have matching vanity units and washstands to give you a unified look for your ‘spa’ bathroom.


Bathroom Spotlights
Creating the perfect ambience is also achievable through your bathroom lighting which is vital in making a space feel relaxing. Keep away from lights that have harsh illumination when trying to create your ‘spa’ bathroom. Check out the HIB Warm White LED Round Chrome Ceiling Lights these energy efficient down lights can help to create a serene space.

LED Mirror
The addition of a modern LED mirror can also help you to get that soothing glow for your bathroom. These lighting options are particularly useful for bathrooms that have little or no natural light as quite often the temptation is to have very bright lighting. Alternatively the addition of a dimmer switch would give you the option to alter your lighting accordingly, having it bright enough to illuminate your daily routine but then dimming to create a more relaxing space for you time.

Adding just one or two of these touches to your bathroom can really help you to create that longed for spa feeling in your own space. Make your bathroom feel like that haven you can retreat to after the stresses of a long day. Here at Bella Bathrooms we offer plenty of luxury bathroom items that can help you to achieve this.