All About Ceramics

Ceramics come in all shapes and sizes, and for some, the different names can be quite confusing. Here is a quick explanation of the different types of ceramics we sell that you can choose for your own new bathroom suite.

Close Coupled WC
Close Coupled WC A close coupled WC has the cistern resting directly on top of the pan towards the rear. Closed coupled toilets are traditionally the most popular WC in the UK.
Back to Wall Toilet
Back To Wall WC The back of the pan sits flush to either the wall or furniture and is sued with a concealed cistern which is out of sight either behind a stud wall or furniture. This WDC is a popular choice when wanting to achieve a minimalist look as all pipe work is concealed.
Soft Close Seat
Soft Close Seat Quiet and controlled closure of the seat and lid.
Wall Mounted Toilet
Wall Mounted WC Unlike close coupled or back to wall WCs, a wall mounted WC does not sit on the floor; it is suspended from the wall and must be used in conjunction with a wall mounting frame system. Not only does this WC help create a minimalist look, it also has the practical benefit of being very easy to clean.
Dual Flush Toilet
Dual Flush WC’s These come with a dual flush fitting offering a 6 or 4 litre flush at the push of a button.
Full Pedestal
 Full Pedestal A full pedestal supports the weight of the basin and goes down to the floor. It is ideal for concealing pipe work and is the most popular pedestal used in homes.
Semi Pedestal
Semi Pedestal A semi pedestal sits under the basin and creates a minimalist look by opening up the floor space.
Recessed Basin Designed to fit completely into a work surface or furniture. The top of the basin sits flush with the worktop and the rest of the basin is hidden in the furniture.
Semi Recessed Basin Designed to be partially cut into a work surface of furniture. The front of the basin protrudes out of the furniture, only the back half of the basin is recessed.