So you thought your bathroom was just a place to get clean, use the toilet, brush your teeth, and apply your makeup? Did You? You might well be the only person to do so. It turns out that not only

Having a wetroom in your home is the perfect way to add some luxury, functionality, and hotel-inspired style to your bathroom. However, completely turning your bathroom into a wet room, or even updating your current one can be costly. Fortunately, there

With bathroom design, many of us tend to focus on the function first, and perhaps relaxation and luxury second.  It makes good sense to pay attention to the energy your bathroom uses on a daily, weekly and yearly basis. The bathroom

Bathroom Trends – What’s New for the Buying Industry? It is an exciting time to be working in the bathroom industry. Now the year is underway, it is time to take stock of the current and upcoming bathroom trends in the

Get rid of stubborn dirt, grime and mould with these easy bathroom cleaning tips. No bleach required!

Bathrooms are not often seen in movies, but when they are, they hold some of the funniest, most memorable scenes. We've had a rather great time sifting through a load of bathroom movie scenes, but we've given you what we

Choosing the ideal bathroom taps for your space is an important decision. Taps are often the finishing touch to your bathroom and will have a big impact on the overall style of your bathroom design. To meet the array of different bath

Bathroom accessories are important for your bathroom both in terms of making a style statement and for their practicality. It’s often the additional extras in a space that truly enable a room to function correctly. Plus they give attention to

Welcome to the last installment of our Bathroom Renovation series. We hope you enjoyed last weeks bathroom lighting design blog. This week we're chatting all about bathroom accessories. Sometimes the importance of them can be dismissed, so we thought it was time

[masterslider id="28"] Bathroom Lighting Design How to Correctly Light Your Room: Many people often overlook the importance of choosing the correct lighting for their bathroom space but if you follow these simple bathroom lighting ideas you will be amazed at the difference it can