Few cleaning jobs can be as satisfying as wiping down your shower doors to be met with a glass surface that shines. Getting rid of scum and hard water spots can be extremely therapeutic, and is highly recommended to do

If you're on the hunt for shower doors but have no idea where to begin, take advantage of our services and we can help you out! We've compiled a list of the 10 best shower doors to take your bathroom from

There's nothing worse than being swamped for ideas. From interior design, to what to have for tea tonight - indecisiveness is a killer. If you're anything like us, you'll want to rely on expert advice and the most top tips, in

Ever heard the phrase "the only way is up"? Well, some of you might think of the classic Yazz hit, but here at Bella Bathrooms we're applying this philosophy to loft conversions. A loft can be a brilliant area in

White and grey is a combination matched in heaven, and this duo works stunningly in any bathroom interior. If you're hoping to create your own grey and white bathroom scheme but you're unsure where to start, we're here to help.

The Edwardian era was a pivotal time in design history and while taking inspiration from the Victoria period, Edwardian's favoured simpler styling. Classic bathroom designs of the time (1901-1910) valued light and open spaces, simple patterns and colours, as well

When you're limited on space in your bathroom and can't fit a shower enclosure and a bath, a combined shower-bath is a practical option which will provide you with the choice of having a long soak in the bath on

As it's becoming increasingly more common for homeowners to want to renovate the unused area beneath their staircase into a toilet, we're here to give you some tips and inspiration so that you too can make the most of your

There's no feature quite as grand as a roll-top bath in a luxury bathroom. In fact, we would argue that if luxury is on your agenda, a free-standing roll-top bath is a must-have. Any bathroom interior can incorporate a free-standing

While some may view  bathroom mirrors as an essential fixture which exists purely to be functional, we know that mirrors can be both practical and stylish. Our bathroom mirror ideas incorporate everything from your preferred decor, the potential for your