Introducing the luxurious Shires Bathrooms Trays, meticulously crafted from a remarkable blend of mineral compounds and resin. These exquisite trays showcase a 30mm thickness, offering unrivalled durability. Their gel coat exterior layer has been expertly thermally fused, ensuring maximum strength. Eco-Stone:

What bath sizes are available? 1200mm Baths 1300mm Baths 1400mm Baths 1500mm Baths 1600mm Baths 1700mm Baths 1800mm Baths 1900mm Baths Bath Sizes Explained When it comes to remodelling, size matters, with a bathroom, makeover baths are generally the focal feature of the room, so it’s important to make a

Choosing the bathroom suite, the tiles and the furniture can all be very exciting. However, don’t forget about a bathroom's most crucial part: the plumbing. It can be slightly more tedious and confusing than choosing the bathroom décor, but to

From click clack, flip top, pop-up to the more recognised traditional plugs and chains, it can all get confusing! So, which is the best option, read our basin waste guide to find out which one is best suited to your

We all know that many accidents happen at home, but did you know that your shower tray could be one of the most dangerous surfaces in the house? The numerous soaps and shampoos combined with water can create a very

We use our teeth and mouth every single day, more than we even realise. Making sure that we brush our teeth correctly twice a day, every day is crucial to maintaining good oral health and overall hygiene. However, knowing whether to

If you've got an electric toothbrush, you'll know how effective it can be at maintaining oral hygiene. Maybe you're considering buying one and you're wondering, how do electric toothbrush chargers work? It's a fascinating notion, after all, how does a toothbrush

Think of what you put in your mouth every day. You consume all kinds of different food and drink, which can cause a build-up of plaque on your teeth. Therefore, you must be brushing your teeth twice a day for

So you’ve purchased your beautiful new bath and are one step closer to the bathroom suite of your dreams. The install process can be challenging and time consuming, particularly with a large fixture such as a bath and the accompanying