Avoid The Confusion When Buying A Shower

A question people often ask is “How many KWs should my new shower be?” This is a very good question because without knowing this information is a risk because the shower my lose out on potential power but mainly the temperature of the water leaving the shower head.

One Kilowatt is the same as 1000 watts; showers use this measurement which is used for showers. Commonly between a seven and ten kilowatt shower is used in homes, sometimes the shower may not be powerful enough so using a shower pump is used to get the extra power needed to get the best showering experience.

Avoid the Confusion When Buying a ShowerThe belief that the higher kilowatt shower you have the more powerful the shower is going to be but this is not the case because your shower can only handle the amount of electricity that is supplied form the cables. But be sure to check because your bathroom could withstand higher watt shower meaning that the power should be increased. The Kilowatt in the shower is to do with how quickly the water is heated in the tank. This means that is your tank is efficient then it is more likely that you will only need to have a lower setting.If you are going to replace your old shower for a new one you need to remember a few things to keep on mind whilst doing so. Take into consideration or the power rating difference on the showers on the market. This just means that when you purchase you new shower from Bella Bathrooms then you may need to replace the electric cables for the particular shower you have. This means that if you do not replace the cables for the correct ones then you are putting your home at a fire risk but make sure that a professional and qualified electrician installs the cables.

Once you have bought the correct shower for your house and would not need to change any wires, you can install the shower itself. First before you can do consider doing anything you need to make sure that the water supply to the shower valve is turned off, because water and electricity does not mix well. It is advised you use a professional electrician to install the shower. Another reason for having a professional to come and install your shower is that you would be working in a confined space which a professional would be used to. They will have a lot of experience of working above the bath and in small shower enclosures.

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