Back To School: Time To Renovate the Bathroom?

Back to School, time to renovate the Bathroom

As the kids get back into their routines at school, parents are presented with a multitude of reasons to renovate their bathrooms. Firstly, the school routine means that kids need to be able to use the bathroom and get clean in an instant, as well as providing Mum and Dad with the facilities they need to get ready before they go to work. This could often mean some renovation work, such as fitting a second basin, installing a new shower en suite for Mum and Dad, or extending the bathroom. Secondly, now that the kids are back in school, there is no excuse not to! Having the kids out of the house for a guaranteed six hours a day will give contractors and hired help the chance to really crack on with any kind of planned renovation work around the home.

What is the Ideal Bathroom Type?

So what kind of bathroom is most accessible for children and parents alike? The simple answer is: a large one. Bigger bathrooms are often beneficial for families, especially those with four, five or even six members all trying to be out of the house by 8.30am. There should be adequate space for multiple people to move around, and there should be plenty of storage and the possibility of two basins, so there can be no excuses not to brush those teeth or comb that hair before it’s time to set off. The storage aspect is important; each family member should be given their own storage area for their bathroom essentials to prevent them having to head back to their room to retrieve their shampoo and losing their place in the queue for the shower!

Renovating your Bathroom

How can appropriate Lighting help?

Ensure that there is plenty of bathroom lighting around the whole room for those cold and dreary winter mornings; no one wants to be awake before the sun, but having a bathroom with recessed lighting or spotlights across the ceiling can help to take the edge off slightly.  

Also, it is important not to forget that the bathroom, when not being used in the morning rush to get out of the door and into the car, is also a place for relaxation. Mum and Dad should also be able to use the bathroom to settle into a nice bath or have an invigorating shower after work. Bath time with the children before bed can also be a relaxing time; using special children’s bubble bath with calming lavender and camomile can help settle them before bed and keep the bathroom as that luxurious retreat; for a few hours at least! Lighting is also important here, as too much lighting can overstimulate everyone and make it a nightmare getting everyone to sleep. Sconces and downlights with dimmable switches allow for adjustable lighting that can be altered to fit whatever purpose the bathroom is used for.

As one of the most multifunctional rooms in the house, the bathroom suite needs to fulfil a number of needs for everyone in the family and that is why we offer a wide range of designer suites for you to choose from. Following the above tips from bathrooms experts Bella Bathrooms allows any family to ensure their bathroom alternates between spa-like sanctuary and efficient cleaning facility for children on the school run.