Bathroom Features: Splurge or Save?

Bathroom Features, Splurge or Save?

A bathroom can end up being one of the most personal rooms in the house, with a real style statement to be made. With everything from designer taps to crystal light fittings, the bathroom is often the one room in the house where people decide to splurge their savings and turn it into a real sanctuary. But if you’re on a budget, where can you make savings whilst still achieving the bathroom suite of your dreams? This guide from bathrooms experts Bella Bathrooms offers some helpful tips as to how you can create a high-end, luxury bathroom with just a few well-placed accessories and features.

Where can you Save Money?


When it comes to deciding where you can save, think of the most basic accessories that you will be using. Small bin? Don’t spend a fortune on it. Toilet roll holder? Spend even less! Toothbrush holder, toilet brush, shower curtain? All of these can be purchased for relatively small prices and can also be replaced very easily as the quickly changing trends dictate. Many of the containers that are used in the bathroom can also be sourced very cheaply and you will often end up with a unique, vintage piece that will not be replicated in your friend’s bathroom. Cigar boxes, old-fashioned mason jars and other trinket boxes that can be found in charity shops or at flea markets make great additions to a bathroom and they do not cost the Earth.

Save or Splurge?

Cutting Labour Costs

When completely renovating a bathroom from top to bottom, the hired labour is also an aspect which can be saved on. If you are feeling brave and want to get your hands dirty, there are plenty of tasks that you can carry out which will save on costs, from clearing tiles and removing old fixtures, to grouting or painting wherever necessary.

Where is it Worth the Splurge?

Fixtures and Faucets

After saving on all these aspects of the bathroom, there will surely be a sizeable kitty for those little splurges that will make it feel truly luxurious. Fittings and faucets are one of the key areas where investment will really be noticed; often the cheaper version of bathroom mixer taps and showerheads will wear and dull over time, and there is also the risk of them coming loose or breaking altogether. Faucets should be bought with longevity in mind; if your chosen faucets seem low in price, it usually for good reason! Updating your taps can have a big impact on the overall look of your bathroom so when you view our range here take your time to pick the correct taps.


Choosing tiles for a bathroom is a tough job, with such a varied range on the market. But this is one area where budgets should not be applied, especially if the plan is to turn the bathroom into a wet room. Tiles must be of the highest quality, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to ensure that the room will be sealed and watertight and prevent any leaks in the rest of the house. Tiles of natural stone make a great choice for an elegant bathroom, or you can opt for a bright porcelain in a glazed finish for a gleaming, immaculate look. Our stylish range of tiles can help you create a unique look for your bathroom.

These are just some basic suggestions of the types of areas where savings can be made and splurges can justifiably take place in the bathroom. There are a multitude of other areas where people can splash out or stick to their budgets, including lighting fixtures, the dresser and mirror area, textiles including rugs, linen and towels, and the all-important bath.