Bathroom Floor Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles

tilesBella Bathrooms has a wide range of bathroom wall and floor tiles to choose from, with the options for bathroom tiles almost endless with different materials and countless colours to choose from we are sure to have the right one for your bathroom. When choosing your bathroom flooring it is important that it is durable and slip resistant, materials such as ceramic are perfect for a bathroom as these offer protection to visual damage such as scratches and are also easy to maintain. Materials such as ceramic and porcelain also come in many different patterns and colours so you can design your bathroom floor how you want it to look. When it comes to tiling wet areas of your bathroom porcelain versions are becoming more and more popular as these incredibly durable and water resistant and are also available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours.

Natural stone tiles are the most popular selection for floor tiles within new bathrooms. Natural stone such as granite, marble and slate offer a stylish and elegant look to your bathroom but at a cost, these types of tiles are usually the most expensive and sometimes may not be worth the extra money as these also take a lot more maintenance than ceramic and porcelain types. Although these tiles are more expensive they are usually available in larger sizes than ceramic or porcelain options and materials such as slate offer the most surface grip thanks to their rough texture making them perfect for floor tiles near a bath or shower.

If you are looking for the quickest way to tile your bathroom then vinyl styles are good choices as they are really easy to install and easy to cut to fit round obstacles within your bathroom. Vinyl is one of the cheapest options for tiling your bathroom and work well in ‘wet’ areas as they are less slippery than ceramic or porcelain tiles.

If you want your bathroom to stand out then using mosaics allows you to show your creative side. With these tiles coming in a wide range of shapes, colours and materials there are millions of combinations that you can choose from to make your bathroom unique. Along with the wide range of choices, mosaics are surprisingly easy to install with the tiles coming on sheets some bigger than ceramic or porcelain tiles.

The choice of tile you use is entirely down to you but remember that once they are installed they should last you a life time, so whatever you choose make sure that you are able to live with it and that they will still make your bathroom appealing in the future.