Bathroom Inspiration from Luxury Hotels

Mens Bathrooms at the Majestic Hotel in harrogate

Hotel bathrooms are always such a pleasure to visit, thanks to the spaciousness of the room, the modern conveniences and the fact that they are sparkling clean. But there are many ways that you can get this luxurious effect in your own home when renovating your bathroom suite. Today we’d like to share some luxury hotel bathrooms with you in order to give you inspiration for recreating the 4 star look for yourself at home.

Wood Panelling

This suite at The Imperial Hotel in Blackpool has hosted many famous guests over the years, including prime ministers and Olympians, and Vera Lynn even lived in the suite while performing a summer-season in Blackpool. So it’s no wonder that the hotel owners have retained the historic beauty of the room with features such as dark panelled walls and traditional fixtures. Although the room is long and narrow, the walls have been painted in a dark brown gloss and rather than creating an oppressively dark bathroom, the opposite effect has been achieved. The light from the tall window bounces off the walls and keeps the whole room looking bright and airy.

Using Pattern

The main feature of this luxury bathroom at The Majestic Hotel are these unusual wallpaper-pattern tiles. Even though the pattern is dark grey and silver, when combined with a white suite and light grey textured tiles the room still felt spacious and bright. The glossiness of the tiles causes the light to bounce off the walls and is reflected around the white room, so you can take a risk with a brighter or darker tile than usual. A bathroom is a great space to experiment with daring colours and patterns so take inspiration from this hotel and install some patterned wallpaper-effect tiles to get a luxury 4-star hotel wash room in your own home.

Black and White

The design of the black-and-white bathroom above has clearly been inspired by The Majestic Hotel’s “famous” men’s toilets and we have been able to get a sneaky peek inside this room and learn all about the history of this public bathroom. The hotel was built in 1900 and is one of the biggest men’s washrooms in Europe. Back in the Victorian era, male guests at the hotel would spend relax on the bathroom’s smoking bench and while away the hours chatting to other dignitaries and guests. When a section of the men’s wash room was partitioned off in later years, letters of complaint by male guests were sent to the Telegraph and they petitioned against the hotel taking away part of their bathroom to create a ladies convenience.
Get a similar Victorian-inspired look in your own home by choosing traditional basins with ornate fixtures when choosing a new suite. This look never dates and actually adds a sense of grandeur to your home. The black-and-white checkerboard floor can be easily recreated in a home bathroom by using gloss tiles to reflect the light, or for a low-cost alternative you could install contrasting vinyl tiles or even a cushioned lino floor printed with a chess-board pattern.

The 4 Star Look

One thing that these bathrooms have in common is the double his-and-hers basins, and this kind of feature always signifies luxury in a bathroom. If you are considering remodeling your bathroom it is a good idea to invest in double basins in order to recreate this hotel bathroom style at home. Additionally, the bathrooms are always scrupulously clean and tidy, with fresh white towels and new soap. So by simply giving your bathroom a deep clean, folding your towels, polishing the taps and treating yourself to some luxury bath products you can achieve a similar hotel effect at home.