Bathroom Mirror range at Bella Bathrooms

Bathroom AccessoriesA bathroom mirror has long been an important part of bathroom design but never has the range been so varied. So why choose a mirror for your bathroom? Mirrors can help to make a smaller bathroom space seem larger by reflecting light around the room. They can also improve the light in bathrooms with little or no natural light with its reflective properties. Most importantly of all they provide you with somewhere to carry out your daily routine so that you have a clear view for tasks such as shaving or applying makeup. It is fair to say bathrooms would be incomplete without a suitable mirror and they have become one of the most important bathroom accessories. Mirror Technology

The choice of bathroom mirror ideas has increased significantly within the last decade, and there is now a variety of revolutionary mirrors in an extensive selection of designs. There are so many features to choose from; heated mirrors, magnifying mirrors, mirrors with lights, mirrors with clocks, radios and shaver sockets – the list is endless. So forget the standard mirror; it’s time to invest in a multipurpose reflective piece of technology. To help you decide on which mirror will best suit your bathroom space read our handy guide which explains the different mirrors to choose from.

The Range Mirrors

Round MirrorsIt is quite easy to be overwhelmed with the choice of mirrors on offer now with a vast range of different sizes and styles. You can choose between regular mirrors (non lit) which tend to be rectangular or square shaped or for a softer look we have a good selection of round mirrors. You can match your mirror to the bathroom style with classic and contemporary styled mirrors. For smaller bathrooms we suggest installing as large a mirror as possible as it will help to create a feeling of spaciousness. For larger bathrooms you can really have fun with your choice of mirror and choose a unique design to create a focal point in your bathroom. Mirrors are so much more than a looking glass though as many now have additional features such as lights, demister pads and even speakers to play your music through;

Lighted Mirrors

LED Mirror Any mirrors fitted with lighting are practical and functional, making daily tasks such as applying make-up, shaving or hair styling easier especially in the darker months. Some decorative mirrors with lights often act as a focal centrepiece of a bathroom, and many have additional features such as extra shelving or panelling. This is perfect for keeping any essential toiletries close to hand. Backlit MirrorBacklit Mirrors are when light is supplied behind the mirror; it is diffused evenly and creates the perfect lighting for task purposes. Using an overhead light, especially when there is no natural light in the room, causes shadows which is unhelpful when you need to make sure you look good in all types of lighting. Many of these backlit mirrors or illuminated mirrors use LED technology, which is energy efficient and safer than candlelight. They also have innovative features, such as flashing sequences, alternating colours or wave sensors to turn the lights on and off. LED mirrors are the perfect accessories for bathrooms with little or no natural light as they create a bright lighting even in dark areas of the room.

Illuminated Mirrors

Illuminated Mirror Illuminated mirrors are also perfect for creating an ambient light, to set a mellow mood in the bathroom to aid relaxation. These are ideal for unwinding in the bath, when the overhead light is too powerful and candlelight does not provide enough light. If you love to devote time to your bathroom to unwind then this type of mirror will be ideal.

Mirror Lights Lots of mirrors come fitted with lights now and have a form of lighting fitted around or above the mirror rather than from behind. They are just as useful and functional for those bathroom tasks where you need to get up close and personal, but they can look more traditional and stylish than futuristic backlit mirrors. Many of these mirrors with lights are designed to compliment other features of the bathroom, with white or wooden frames and extra storage features attached to the mirror.

Heated Mirrors

Heated MirrorWhile these mirrors can warm up those chilly grey mornings, they actually have a more clever purpose; they are anti-mist and condensation. There is nothing more irritating then getting out of the shower and having to wait fifteen or twenty minutes to be able to use the bathroom mirror. With a heated bathroom mirror, you will never have to deal with the steamed up nightmare, and many of these designs also have added features such as lighting, sensors and shaving sockets. Heated mirrors are even better for smaller bathroom spaces which are more likely to suffer from mist on the mirror after you have taken a hot shower or bath due to the lack of space for the steam to escape to.

Magnifying Mirrors

Magnifying MirrorIf you still prefer a traditional, extending magnifying mirror for those personal tasks, you can still enjoy modern features. We have a range of magnifying mirrors which also feature lighting options, and mirrors with integrated clocks to make sure you don’t spend too much time in the bathroom getting ready! Some of these mirrors are regular mirror designs with a small magnifying insert for you to focus on certain tasks such as applying cream or using tweezers etc. These mirrors will still suit a variety of bathroom spaces whilst providing useful magnification for certain bathroom tasks.

Mirrors with Music

Technology ImageThe technology in the bathroom is expanding all the time and we have a select few mirrors with music capabilities. You can play your music from your device via Bluetooth or using a USB port with these modern mirrors. If you are a fan of spending a lot of time in your bathroom then these multi functional mirrors will allow you to set the perfect ambience for your relaxation. You can also then select the perfect music to match your mood whether it is chilled out tunes for lazing in the bath or more upbeat notes to get you ready to start your day feeling awake. Who knows what the mirrors of the future may be capable of?!

Hopefully this guide will have helped you to decide which type of mirror may best suit your bathroom space. Here at Bella Bathrooms we are pleased to offer a generous selection of mirrors which all offer that little something extra. Whatever style or shape you are looking for you will find it here. All of our bathroom mirrors are offered from the UK’s leading manufacturers’ who match top quality with top design.