Bathroom Mirror Technology

Bathroom MirrorsThe days of settling for a mediocre rectangular mirror are long gone. The bathroom mirror is a crucial part to any home, and this should be considered when you are going to purchase one. Settling for the cheapest mirror is a common mistake. Think about how much you use your bathroom mirror, how many times a day you look into it. Whether it is having a shave, applying make-up or simply glancing into it on your way out, it is a vital part of your lifestyle and physical appearance.

Bathroom mirror designers understand this, and therefore they are bringing out more and more technologically advanced mirrors to keep up with the fast-paced, modern day society. Having a shaving socket attached to your mirror is no longer just a luxury to enjoy in a hotel or on holiday, they are fast becoming a must-have in everyday homes. Bathroom mirror technology doesn’t stop there though. You can now enjoy a build in clock and radio in your mirror with the Acoustia RadioStar Bathroom Mirror from HiB. These cool mirrors come with a built in FM stereo, a handy 24 hour clock and LED lighting. They are the perfect addition to any modern day bathroom with their sleek and stylish design and excellent functionality.

At Bella Bathrooms we like to provide every kind of bathroom mirror excellence. Our huge range of heated mirrors will prevent any condensation build-up whilst you are in the bath or shower, giving you that extra taste of luxury.

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