Bathroom Mirrors: What Are The Options?

Having a great mirror is a staple in the bathroom. It is used for shaving, for applying make-up, for brushing your teeth before work, for doing your children’s’ hair before school and for prepping for a night out on the tiles. They need to be flattering, easy to clean, well-lit, attractive in the context of the bathroom’s interior and some need to have an in-built storage facility for all the bathroom paraphernalia we use daily. As a nation, we are demanding when it comes to our mirrors! Bella Bathrooms, the bathroom experts, explain how you can go about choosing a great bathroom mirror from their varied mirror selection, and what criteria the ideal mirror should meet.

Bathroom Mirrors What Are The Options

What should you consider?

First, consider who will use the mirror. Just you and a partner? A family with two adults and four children? Will it be used in a guest bathroom, an en suite or a family bathroom? The answers to these questions will help narrow down the criteria for the mirror. You should also consider what your bathroom looks like in itself. Gone for a traditional look with ornate accessories and lots of burnished copper and brass finishes? Choose a mirror with a similar theme or it will look dramatically out of place. Similarly, if you have gone for a sleek and minimalist look, go for a mirror with no fuss and no embellishments.

What is Popular?

Illuminated bathroom mirrors are all the rage, especially as they create perfect, even light that is ideal for shaving, plucking, applying eyeliner and all those other tricky jobs that require good illumination. They also make a great focal point for the room, especially if it is fairly minimalist; mirrors with built-in illumination are the height of chic and add a really modern feel to a room. Internal lights can be arranged in a number of styles, from one light in each corner of the mirror to a circular pattern around the edge, depending on the design of the mirror itself. For a more vintage look, flank your bathroom mirror with two antique wall lights. They will give even illumination and will look charming on or off.

Looking for Extra Storage too?

Are you one of those people who has masses of beauty products, gels, oils and lotions, with nowhere accessible to put them? These products often end up spread across counters and shelves, but a mirrored bathroom cabinet can solve this conundrum quickly and easily. They can in a great range of sizes, shapes and depths; some have shelves, some have built-in toothbrush holders, some even have hooks on which to hang your face flannel. If you can get one with a built-in shaver socket and an internal light, you may well have found the perfect all-in-one bathroom cabinet solution that all the home’s inhabitants will make use of.

Check out our wonderful range of bathroom accessories at Bella Bathrooms, its these little touches that can make all the difference.